Friday, December 9, 2011

planning meet up in taipei

do i dare show my face in taipei? you bet! i owe this to all of you who have been so faithful in reading The Truth About Taiwan for all this time. i would like to meet as many of you as i can, get know you, and share some coffee, tea, whatever at one of the larger coffee shops in taipei.
give me a couple of months to get things together. i just got back from the US, and am looking for a new job.
let's make this happen. looking forward to meeting all of you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the value of boys in taiwan culture

everytime i go shopping, i see a family of four, with an older sister and a younger brother. it's almost always the girl who is older. then i feel sad for the girl, cause i know she was "just practice". in other words, they were shooting for a boy the first time around and didn't get it, so they tried again til they got what they really wanted: junior.
of course, these families "love" their daughters, but they prefer their sons. the main reason for this insanity is because only a son can carry the ashes at the parents' funeral. so here we see again chinese culture rearing its ugly true face, that of utter selfishness.
taiwan men also value machismo over all else. if you've ever tried to reason with a truck driver who almost ran you over , ie " what did you say foriegner,&%**#&%", you know what i mean. this machismo permeates their religion in the form of militant Daoism and male preference.
a lot of taiwan men think the most important thing is to be born with a pack of incense in one hand and a dick in the other.
and the girls? oh, they're here to look at and dance naked for the dieties. or they're here to bear a son. and if they don't bear one, well.. try and try again. custom demands it.
culture is a bullshit excuse for being pig headed, isn't it?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy birthday taiwan! now stop making excuses!

a sincere happy birthday to the ROC and taiwan! now that you're 100 years old and about 60 years old respectively, time to get your shit together.
that's right! no more excuses about "well, we're a young country. we still haven't had time to develop", etc.
guess what? there are countries younger than you who are getting their act together. they are doing better at public safety and environmental issues than you have the will power or even desire to do.
guess what, taiwan? japan as we know it today is also 60 years old, and though they have problems, they have their act far more together than you.
what's holding taiwan back? it's excuses. excuses for why things have always been the way they are, and excuses for why we can't change them.
stand up taiwan! be the country that you can be! i cheer for you when you do it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

taiwan blogger goes to jail for saying noodles are too salty

first, a foriegner goes to jail for shooting the finger at an old lady who was (according to the account) being a mean old bitch. then this blogger, a girl, is sentenced to 1 month in jail, plus fine, plus apology to a noodle shop owner for saying that his noodles were too salty.
welcome to taiwan's "face laws", designed to make sure that nothing any person does is ever criticized.these laws are desgined to protect misbehavior, and to make sure that no one has a voice against such misbehavior.
there is no doubt these laws were invented to protect politicians from criticism, ie enter the speech police. and the taiwan people's uproar over this? nada. zilch. nothing.
yes, it seems taiwanese people care more about face than democracy, another reason why i say that chinese culture is the antithesis to democracy. it will tear it down everytime.
personally, i'd like to call that noodle boss a typical, dirty ass motherfucker shop owner, but i can't. i'd like to say his noodles taste like shit, but i can't.i'd like to say "fuck you, you hater of democracy asshole dick sucker" but i can't. i can't because these things are illegal, so i won't say them.
amnesty international, are you listening? are you watching what is happening on this island?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

why can't chinese people see themselves?

(disclaimer: this article has nothing to do with progressive thinking chinese people, or those raised in a western education/culture. it has everything to do with status quo modern chinese culture, the masquerade being forced on the world by hardline chinese culturalists).

if one guy says i'm selfish, it might just be his opinion. but if 10 people say the same thing, maybe it's time to take self inventory and examine my faults. every country on this planet comes away from the chinese/taiwanese/singapore/hong kong experience with one or two major points:

1. chinese people are fucking selfish- the comment i hear most often is " i've never seen any people as selfish as they are". if so many different people from different cultures say this, isn't it time for a little introspection?

2. chinese people can't think for themselves- ie, all chinese people think the same.

Writer Bo Yang felt troubled because he wanted to say that chinese people are not the same everywhere you go, but after traveling and seeing the chinese disporia, he concluded sadly " chinese people are the same everywhere you go!"

writer ken nakamura said that the culture of "face" is the most dispicable part of chinese culture. I have observed this culture firsthand and i walk away shocked at how taiwanese people think they almost have a right to do evil. ie "how dare you say i'm wrong? how dare you impinge on my right to do as i want even if it hurts you?"
i have seen taiwan bosses cheat foriegners out of their salary, even going so far as to use hoodlum tactics to make sure they backed down. after 25 years in chinese culture, i have NEVER seen any group of people as evil as the AVERAGE taiwanese. i hate to say it. i really do.

yet, there's hope. i find one thing to be true: the LESS a taiwanese person beleives/follows chinese culture, the more honest, forthright, and intelligent they are. and the more they beleive and follow chinese tradition, particulary if they beleive Daoism, the more suspicious, untruthful, and backwards they act.

race is never the problem. its what we beleive that either causes us problems or makes us successful. chinese culture, as it exists today, is bankrupt in it's ability to produce quality human beings, and that's why we should take whatever value still exists in it and leave the rest of it behind.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

what taiwan's militaristic streets sign really say

yes, any city you're in in taiwan, the street signs are all the same: zhong zhen road, chong ching road, dzong shiao road, ai gouh road, etc.
these names all come from either places in mainland china (which the KMT at the time missed and had aspirations to return to as conquerors), or nationalistic slogans.
it's like the KMT can't think any farther than zong zhen this and zong zhen that- "we're building a new park, let's call it..... zong zhen. hey, a new street.let's call it zhong zhen!"
then the DPP can't do any better- "we're building a new park, let's call it 228!"
do these names keep the taiwanese from having to actually think up a good name for something? or are they for a deeper purpose, ie, to keep the military mindset embedded on this island?
personally, i'd like to see some nice names like " lan mei jieh" (blueberry street), "song su jieh" (pine street), "fong su lu" (maple road), etc. anything but goddamn motherfucking zhong zhen!
i'm sick of living in a police state!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

taiwan's middle class sickness

last week i went to visit my taiwan relatives. the mother in this family, like many taiwan middle class parents, is on a health kick. her cooking is totally tasteless,thanks to the absence of fats and salt, and other things that normally go into cooking, all in the name of making her kids healthy. needless to say, her kids have zero appetite, and suffer colds all the time.
this time, i said " let's order pizza tonight". the boy in this family suddenly hugged me like he had been starving for some real food. this set off an alarm for me.
when the pizza got there, i saw he had been crying before coming downstairs. seems mom had been telling him " remember your cold, pizza will make it worse" etc. i gave him two pieces and told him to eat up. he got the same nagging in the background, "remember your cold" and "remember your stomach, don't eat too much" even before he had taken a bite. i told him " eat up dude, you'll grow strong!" he laughed and went to work on the pizza like a kid from Somalia.
what is taiwan's middle class sickness? it's their total stupidity when it comes to knowing what's best for their children. they take whatever health advice/"evidence" is on TV as the gospel, instead of reference,and force it on their families.
like fats. everybody is trying to cut fats. but children need fats for their brains to grow.the brain is composed almost entirely of CHOLESTEROL! if you don't eat eggs, your brain will shrink!! look it up!
then taiwanese spout utterly stupid things like "eat ice cream in the winter, it will warm you up". take a good look at KURLIEAN PHOTOGRAPHY of someone eating ice cream! his body core turns BLUE , because it's almost ZERO DEGREES CELSIUS, dumb fuck! people have died in blizzards because they ate snow to hydrate and it dropped their core body temp to zero!
and anyway, colds are caused by a virus. pizza, whatever, doesn't make a bit of difference, dumbass yuppies!
the real reason for this societal sickness is because chinese culture in general only teaches suffering. a culture that only values the ability to suffer will in the end only transfer suffering onto others.
i hope this little guy rebels and becomes hooked on meat, cheese, eggs, bacon. i'd rather him reach adulthood than nirvana or some other nonsense like that. anal parents are doing more harm than good, if they do any good at all.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 myths about chinese culture that need to GO!

the following is a list of things many chinese/taiwanese hold sacred and assume to be true, and therefore fall under the wrath of my righteous keyboard:

1. the chinese are one people- let's see, the miao, hui, manchu,tujia, yi,mongol,buyei, dong,yao, oh yeah and han, the largest (claimed) ethnic group.there are probably over 100 different many chinese people are actually Han is up for debate.

2. the name "zhong guoh" means "middle kingdom" - wrong! it means a conglomeration of all the peoples living in that land. it was not meant to denote that the ancient chinese thought of themselves as being the center of the earth (a favorite myth of chinese nationalist/ sino-centrists to further instill feelings of racial superiority in chinese people).

3. chinese culture is one, unbroken, enlightened culture- chinese culture is fragmented by many dynasties, two of which were foriegn (mongols and manchu). some of the dynasties would be considered very englightened, while others were backwards and cruel. and that line is not drawn between foriegn and "han" dynasties. there were a large number of extremely stupid "han" rulers.

4. chinese writing is one continuous line of evolution to what it is now- false. there were other lineages of writing systems,but they died out, and we have (fortunately) the one we do now.

5. the chinese were more enlightened than the westerners- until 500 years ago. then they fell behind. and that falling behind has EVERYTHING to do with their own backwardness. time to put the blame where it belongs.and many things still practiced in chinese culture are cruel by modern standards. if these cruel practices are any hint, it is doubtful that the chinese were ever all that enlightened.

6. to be Chinese means to be Tao or Buddhist- buddhism came to china about 2000 years ago. tao was invented about 2500 years ago. if you want to claim chinese culture as being 5000 years old, stop condemning 3000 years of people before Tao and Buddha to being "not chinese", by your definition.
there are (since the 600AD for Christianity), chinese christians,chinese muslisms, and chinese jews with a long history/lineage. there are also "crypto" groups who hid their religion under the guise of buddhism/taoism. it is believed a large part of gwan ying/pusa iconology is really the Virgin Mary.

7.chinese culture developed on its own- another nationalistic wet dream. Bu Dai Xi,the famous taiwan puppets,actually orignated in Turkey. the oldest mummies in china were in fact Causcasian, and had in their possession accupuncture needles, long before the birth of Hua Tou , the supposed inventor of chinese medicine. the romans and greeks knew where china was. the silk road ran (and still does) to the West for thousands of years.

8.the chinese invented gunpowder and paper and that proves that they are a superior race- any group of people as large as the chinese is bound to have some geniuses. that doesn't mean the whole race is smart, just as some white guys sending a man to the moon doesn't make Caucasians superior. their culture,maybe. but not race.

so where does this leave you, if you are a chinese/taiwanese? be proud of your culture, but forget the rants of the chinese nationalists on both sides of the taiwan strait and amongst the chinese disporia who want to lead you astray. keep the useful things from chinese culture, and discard the rest. live a western life. you'll be happier.

Monday, August 15, 2011

the taiwanese facade

yes, you've probably seen it. local tries to run you off the road. you yell at him "hey, dude!". he stops his car/motorcycle, starts screaming, you stand there terrifed or you take off (don't blame you for either action).
but wait. why is he yelling? isn't he mr. tough, all powerful to do you damage? why does he scream and warn you? is he doing you a favor? showing you mercy?
the truth is, mr. loudmouth can't do shit. that is, he can't do shit if you don't flinch. the whole yelling routine is a facade. it is a form of "interview" to see how far he can take it with you. by flinching at his noise (and that's all it is) you have given him license to do what he wants. and his yelling is really a way for him to psyche himself up ,cause guess what? he's scared too.
i have engaged these guys in their game, and NOT ONE OF THEM was ever able to come across with the goods- either they did nothing or they tried a wussy ass move like pushing (terrible move in a fight). the one guy who tried this literally WILTED when i pushed him back.
these guys are TERRIBLE fighters. really terrible. and chinese kung fu won't help them.
i don't recommend that you engage them if you don't have to, but next time, don't run. take a good look at what you're seeing- a stupid spoiled hick that THINKS he get his way with everyone. look him in the eye.
these guys are really a joke,and once you see the facade exposed before your very eyes, it's liberating.

Friday, July 29, 2011

beating "miss english" at her own game

if you're a guy foriegner in taiwan, you will meet many girls. though a few years back, you might have been "flavor of the month", nowdays, she is most likely only interested in english, english, ENGLISH! yes, english is the new mantra, the life changing entity that can get her a better job, help her move to another country, or whatever.
which is, if you need language exchange, all good. you teach her, she teaches you. fair exchange is no crime. or if she wants to pay you monetarily, well, all for capitalism, my friend.
but what if she just wants an english practice partner, under the guise of "friendship"? this friendship includes always being on FB or MSN, except of course on weekends, when she's out with her real friends. she never asked you, now did she? it includes allowing you to inuendo as much as you want (to keep you on the hook) as long as it's not too straight forward, in which case she will just drop you, having at least practiced and improved her english some. and you got.... zero.
so how do you avoid being used by miss english? first of all, be professional. print out cards for private teaching. make sure miss english gets one when you first meet. let her know you teach for a living.
two, set your fees high. what? and ruin my chances of getting business, not to mention hooking up with her? listen: you won't lose anything by asking for what you're worth. cutting her a deal, etc, only makes you poor. and if your goal is to have miss english in the sack, selling your teaching cheap will not move her in that direction, cause she already got what she wanted- english cheap!
set your price high enough so that sucking your dick will seem like a bargain in comparison. do NOT inuendo that there is a cheaper way, and thereby condemn yourself. let HER come to the conclusion after paying 1000NT per hour (that's what i recommend) for a few months that it's cheaper just to become your "girlfriend", til she goes on to her beautiful canada, australia, or wherever that dream that doesn't include you will take her.
make sure you get YOUR end of it, monetarily or otherwise.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

chinese human sacrifice

contrary to what the hard sell chinese culturalists try to feed us (ok that's a gross pun considering the title of this article), the chinese people were no better or worse than any other group when it came to the most grotesque practice of mankind- human sacrifice.
yes, it seems that many groups in china practiced it. one must define the meaning of "chinese" people, however. is to be chinese to mean only the Han people? the Hans themselves inter-married with the other groups. i doubt very seriously that there is such a thing as "pure Han". also, the name "Zhong Gouh" literally means a conglomeration of all the peoples living in that area (zhong he gouh), not the "center of the earth/ middle kingdom" as many writers would have us beleive.
so many of the tribes in china practiced it. but how late? and did the han practice it also?
Confucious knew of the practice and wrote/taught about it, forbidding it. his primary audience was the Han people (unless you han-ites want to disclaim Kong Dz as "yours"). so at least as late as confucious's time, it was still being practiced, presumably by the Han people themselves.
there are accounts of it being done as late as 1395 (the so called glorious MING dynasty). the Ching also practiced it until it was banned by Kangxi in 1673.
1673! for crying out loud! the Baroque period! 200 years after the west rose as a world power. that's pretty late in the game to be playing pagan.
no wonder western culture won.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

taiwanese and useless morning exercises

i love going to the park in the morning. one reason is of course to keep up my walking. another would be to watch the "morning mommies" exercise class (those girls can move)! and they do some very good cardio/stretching/ strength training.
however, i also notice that a lot of taiwanese have a penchant for totally USELESS exercises/health practices. here's a list of some of them:

1. clapping while walking- totally useless exercise. it does NOT, contrary to popular belief " da chi" ( stimulate the internal energy)- try more like DEADEN the nerves in your hand! the sound is also irritating, so it's at the top of my list.

2. clapping behind your back- also useless, unless you count the stretching of the shoulders. you are also likely to RIP your shoulder muscles doing ballistic movements like this. better to clasp your hands behind your back and stretch to the count of 10.

3. walking backward- get the fuck out of the way! yes, it uses slightly different muscles than walking forward, but you don't get that much benefit from it.

4. yelling "hah hah hah"- maybe some work for the abdomen, but i know western exercises that work a hell of a lot better. and quieter.

5. slamming your back against a concrete wall- can you say " fractured spinus process?" that's what you'll do to the protuding part of your vertebrae. or how about collapsed lung? fractured rib? give me a break. this is good way to mess yourself up!

6. walking barefoot on the dirt- the excuse i heard for this is " the earth element will leak into my body and make me strong". also tetanus will leak into any cut or abrasion in your foot! really stupid! fuck yoga. so you can lick your own balls? i'll stick with sports medicine approved basic stretches, thank you!

8. tai chi- fuck tai chi. yeah, i'm being controversal here, cause tai chi has some health benefits: it lowers blood pressure, steadies the heart rate, induces relaxation. all around good things. so why am i dissing it? cause so many people think it is the ultimate, and it's not. there is no ultimate.

basically, a lot of people in taiwan just follow others and take what they say about exercise to be truth, instead of using their brains (something they're very lazy about doing) and getting the exercise FACTS that can really improve their health.

Monday, June 6, 2011

taiwan record industry and news bureau money

God is real. I know this because I prayed for this expose' to happen for a looooong time! never really thought i'd see this day, oh me of little faith!
by now, the news and discussion of the taiwan record companies squandering government money is everywhere. but what didn't get discussed is why the news bureau was funding the record industry.
it was all about control. when the government gives out money, it wants something in return. it has standards and points that it wants to meet.
the real reason the record industry was getting money was because the news bureau was running the show, or more correctly, they told the record companies what kind of music to produce- safe, kiddie, immature music.
that the record companies squandered the money was a non issue to the news bureau. they got the product they wanted- music that was in line with their goals of thought control.
don't beleive me? then ask yourself these questions:
1.why is there even a news bureau? what do they do? they control the media to make sure nobody tries to go against the ROC.

2. why is there a police bureau radio station? to broadcast the the ideas that the ROC wants broadcast.

and now there is talk of the news bureau and cultural bureaus becoming one. that will complete their monopoly on keeping creativity against "status quo taiwanese-ism" at bay.

Monday, May 2, 2011

sex for english? yeah, why not!

i like to quote boxing coach freddie roach when he talks about people fighting over petty things in the gym -
"nobody's getting paid, why do it?".
i think the same about english teaching. i get paid from class beginning til class end. i can hang around a few minutes after class to help anybody who needs it.
but then there are those who have no problem whatsoever with trying to get you to be their "turn to" english vocab machine/ chat practice buddy. is anybody getting paid for this?
and if you're not getting paid, then maybe you should be getting laid. let me explain:
i used to help people for free. i did corrections on their english compositions in college. basically i was the reason a LOT of chinese students passed english. i know this because their writing was really bad. everyone who went to me got an A or B.
what did i get from this? well, Mandarin for one. fair exchange is no crime. friendship. some great home cooked chinese food.
but i have also seen people give me zero reciprocity. when MY hour of need came up, these people didn't give a damn. they already got their degree. they got into a better master's degree school than I'll ever be able to afford, got a better job, basically moved into american life.
i also see really beautiful women in taiwan who just want a first time foriegn friend. they want the foriegner "atmosphere". they want to chat english. they want help with their college app. they want help with their job app. then they go there, get a great job, move abroad, marry up.
and what did you get from this compared to what THEY got? did they ever consider you in their plans? oh, you're just an english teacher. an unpaid english teacher!
so don't be a rug: no fuck, no friend. no pussy, no pal.
nobody's gettin' paid, right?
and a fair exchange is no crime.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

taiwan women as spreaders of misery

i joined the taiwan foriegn spouse club many years ago. no, it's not a real club, just a figure of speech. but i hear a lot of the same thing coming from these guys, ie how taiwan women are one the one hand wonderful, and on the other, a source of unhappiness.
this i beleive, stems from the fact that taiwan women are themselves perpetually unhappy. anybody who puts her standards in the stratosphere is bound to be dissapointed, especially when you expect others to make you happy.
taiwan women have been taught, thru their moms, girlfriends, assorted magazines, and ditzy talk show guests that it is a man's responsiblity to provide happiness for them. men are also supposed to be "ti tieh" (thoughtful is one translation), caring, and at the same time strong, good providers, etc. basically the same demands as women in the west put on men.
the difference is, taiwan women really think they're going to get all this.most western women eventually grow up and accept the guy for who he is. taiwan women never do. they drill their fucked up, sleep over party chat/what a guy should be standard into the fucking ground. they never give up,relentlessly making sure that they get their guy to where they can brag on him. basically, chinese culture in a nutshell: face, face, face!!!
then, when their guy can't meet this impossible task (pulling her out of her pit of self imposed misery), these women bury themselves in cheap novels in which the "ideal" man treats the woman in an "ideal" way.
of course, these women are setting themselves up for the ultimate scam, which is the subject of another article.
i was always taught that happiness is between you and God. nobody can "make" you happy. you have to make yourself happy. you have to find the happiness in whatever situation you are in, and be thankful for what and whom you have in your life, dispite their faults and shortcomings.
why are taiwan women so perpetually unhappy? it's because they don't have faith. they can only see 3 feet in front of them, and that's to bury whatever special, unique qualities their man had in the graveyard of some arbitrary "standard".
God help us.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the taiwan adjustment bureau

matt damon rocks. best movie i've seen in a while. especially since it's real.
that's right, it exists, in taiwan at least. if you've ever thought someone was pulling strings to make sure your shit doesn't get off the ground, you might have good reason for such suspicions.
a LOT of what goes on in Taiwan is manipulated. from pop stars who sing the same, government approved crap, to rigged singing contests, to backbiting foriegners (a prime source of doing in), to territorial-ism by locals, the deck is stacked.
one run in i had with the adjustment bureau went like this:
i got a call from a bushiban (they had obtained my number from my workplace somehow), saying that i had gone into their school and broken a vase on purpose. they said the guy who did it had shown up a few days before saying he was me! the students who saw him wreck the vase recognized him and i was called. i asked them why weren't the cops calling me then? they said the police had already investigated but the video tape wasn't clear, etc.
i have been canceled out of a lot of opportunities to play music thanks to territorialism by locals.or there's always some hitch where you can't do it because you're a foriegner. every time you think you can get a little ahead, they move the "stop go no further" sign to right in front of you!
i recently made friends with a foriegner. after not having seen her for a few months, i happened to run into her near my house. when i said "hi" she looked like she had seen the devil and wanted nothing to do with me. every time i see her now she acts this way. we parted the first meeting in a friendly way. i hadn't seen her between the two times i mentioned.what happened between those two times?
backstabbing foriegners would be my guess.but what would their purpose be in doing that? i treat everyone i meet with respect, nor have i tried to take anything from anyone. as far as i know, i haven't wronged anyone beyond expressing unpopular opinions on the net (which is my right. you don't like it, suck my dick).
is there an agenda bureau in taiwan that tries to keep the status quo? maybe,maybe not. but definitely something's up. maybe just greed and conflict of interests.
maybe just some small people who will do anything to hang onto whatever piece of this island they percieve to be theirs.

Friday, April 1, 2011

are taiwan women spoiled bitches?

the title was a question. no need to be offended by my question. you can be offended by my answer.

yes, they are.

as an adult english teacher, i listen to a lot of answers to topic questions in my class. when the book gets around to love and relationships you always hear them saying the same shit:

" i want a guy who is tall, understands me, is responsible, etc"

the problem with this is they never really define what responsible is. from my experience, what they mean by responsible is "safe". they want some castrated man who never takes chances, never moves in a direction that might make them feel unsafe, never walks the path less chosen. they want a guy who is bent to their wishes for "the dream" ie, the house, the car, the baby, the whole nine yards.
nothing wrong with those things, except that they have become the "price for admission" so to speak, rather than the result of two people's love for one another.
then taiwan women always talk about how they want someone who understands them. by this, i take it to mean they want an extention of their spoiling family who will put up with their temper tantrums and stupidity. these women are basically in the market for either daddy or their older brother, someone who is used to their bullshit.
expecting someone to understand you is the height of immaturity. we should seek more to understand others than to be understood. the world owes us nothing, but we live in it,and should learn to adapt to it, not the other way around.
i find taiwan women to be utterly selfish and self centered. lately i look at them with a mild disgust, despite their physical beauty.
ain't no pussy worth their crap.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

gangsters are douchebags

mafia of any extraction are the biggest fucking losers and hypocrites on the planet. their whole " rob the rich protect the weak" line is just an excuse. how is forcing an aborigine girl to take 30 prostitution customers "protecting the weak"?
then they call themselves "patriots". what a lot of chinese people don't know is THE CHINESE MAFIA participated in the raping and murdering of other chinese during WWII (look up the black flags). also many of the top ranking people in the chinese mafia are actually JAPANESE! i challenge any mafia buff to prove me wrong on this. do your research.
if the mafia is the "protector of the people" that they claim, what were they doing during the 228 massacre? what were they doing during the "white terror" campaign?
yes, gangsters sometimes might help you pick up your motorcycle, but they also will run their car into your bike too, depending on the day. they only do right when it does right by them!
the taiwan people need to wake up to what these assholes really are, a stink on society (pun intended). any president worth his salt should hunt them down and purge this country of them once and for all.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

taiwan women's merciless standard

with modernizaton comes modern expectations. taiwan women have a right to want more than these traditional, pig-headed men of the past. but the standard can swing too far the other way, too.
last night i had a smaller class than usual, so we had more chat time, less formal (not that my classes are ever like that). we got around to talking about what girls like in guys. of my 7 students, 5 ladies and 2 guys, ALL the girls said they expected their future mate to be tall.
while i am well aware of tall being a handsome trait, i pressed the question further- why?
the response i got was pretty shocking. it was, to me, as cold, pragmatic,and calculating as any i've ever heard come from a woman's mouth.
the answer: " so my children can be tall"!!
these women want good genes! they're picking a guy based on his genetic material/potential.
of course, evolution/sex theory has always said we do this, subconsciously. but here was the first time i'd ever heard anybody consciously on the cruise for good DNA.
i find that taiwan women tend to think of men as "fitting a slot"., ie " i need a husband", this person can fit this slot, rather than " i really like this guy. i want to be with him".
people become pegs that can fit into their little holes (fruedian slip intended). pegs that fit into their preconcieved ideas and goals.
the kind of cold hearted answer i heard last night makes me almost want to, in the words of a friend of mine, "find as many women as i can and [revenge] fuck them without mercy!"
it makes me want to put lifts in my shoes, say i'm not married, and go around catching every one of these bitches i can at their own game. find 'em, fool 'em , use 'em, forget 'em.
i can understand if women find tall to be attractive. but sighting a guy out for his genetic potential, just so you can have tall kids to brag about? fuck you bitch!
for all their talk about career, blah, blah, blah, these women are still breeders.
i heard that all women really want is love. do these kind of women really deserve that?

Monday, January 17, 2011

surviving taiwan winters

good luck. you're in for a dreadful time. taiwan winters are dreary- cold and wet. the temp will rarely get below 5 celsius, but the relative humidity and wind (especially around areas like shin dzu) will make you wish for spring.
the main problem is taiwan houses- basically concrete ice boxes. people always ask me "isn't it colder in the US?". my answer is "yes but we have some escape from it because our houses actually have an energy efficiency rating"!
taiwan houses are built to withstand earthquakes, but nobody thought or cared to install insulation. you get MEGA cold transference via osmosis thanks to a single concrete wall to the outside and a single glass window! some houses have wooden floors installed, but nobody cared to put insulation under them either.
taiwan people say, "oh well we don't need it" which is typical because a lot of them are cheap skates who just wear more clothes and get high all day on 5000NT a bag oolong tea. it escapes them that insulation also cuts down on outside/ floor to floor noise, as well as keeping out heat in the summer.
what can be done? if you live in a small "tao fang" suite, you can put those artificial puzzle tatamis on your floor as well as hang a decorative quilt from the walls around your bed. get a small space heater and make sure you have curtains on your windows. also have a rug near your bed, and sleep with a ski cap and socks on. make sure you have a good japanese style blanket.
open the windows at least 30 minutes a day to air out the house. you can leave them cracked while you're gone to work.
drink lots of hot tea/coffee, and buy some gortex underwear/base layer.
that's what gets me by.