Wednesday, January 25, 2012

chinese new year is a selfish holiday

is chinese culture all about money? seems so. look at how we say happy new year (gong shi fa tchai). the word "happy" isn't even in there, but "prosperity" (fa tchai) is. maybe because to the chinese, the only happiness is money.
look at the new year's trips to the temples to pray to the money god (and look at how they drive getting there.. yes they'd sooner kill YOU than be a minute late). look at how chinese people spend the holiday (playing majong with relatives- for money, against their own kin)!
look at the requirements to give money, from their own relatives!
this year i made a decision: i REFUSE to say "gong shi fa tchai" TO ANYONE. instead i say "shin nian yu kwai" or just "happy new year" in english. because happiness- true,deep down happiness- is one thing the chinese people really lack.
happy new year to you. may you be rich in wonderful experiences,in new friends, and in love shared.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

the truth (as i see it) about forumosa, tealit, etc

are taiwan chat sites honeypots?
it would seem so. i have reports of being stalked by female police looking to entrap foriegners. but is the strangest of all. it seems that site's main purpose is to STIFLE any criticism of taiwan. this is very strange for a site supposedly existing to HELP foriegners,and maybe give them a healthy vent for the frustrations they face living here day to day. forumosa also seems to be a cliche. i was so much as told this by one of the main people in charge of the site, ie " now that we know you,we give you a little leeway in what you say"... something to that effect.
forumosa and a few others have a BIG issue with any criticism pointed at taiwan. they will vehemently attack any poster who goes beyond the usual "taiwan is so great" etc standard line.
i theorize that forumosa is actually part of what i call "the AIT/taiwan cultural bureau complex", its purpose being to keep foriegn criticism in line. but that's just my theory.
another theory i have is that taiwan attracts very liberal westerners. these people think taiwan is paradise because at least it's not conservative, christian US,or wherever.
it's been years since i've posted on and i don't plan to again. i have better things to do with my time, this blog for one.