Wednesday, January 25, 2012

chinese new year is a selfish holiday

is chinese culture all about money? seems so. look at how we say happy new year (gong shi fa tchai). the word "happy" isn't even in there, but "prosperity" (fa tchai) is. maybe because to the chinese, the only happiness is money.
look at the new year's trips to the temples to pray to the money god (and look at how they drive getting there.. yes they'd sooner kill YOU than be a minute late). look at how chinese people spend the holiday (playing majong with relatives- for money, against their own kin)!
look at the requirements to give money, from their own relatives!
this year i made a decision: i REFUSE to say "gong shi fa tchai" TO ANYONE. instead i say "shin nian yu kwai" or just "happy new year" in english. because happiness- true,deep down happiness- is one thing the chinese people really lack.
happy new year to you. may you be rich in wonderful experiences,in new friends, and in love shared.


  1. So Thanksgiving is a selfish holiday it celebrate prosperity?

  2. thanksgiving has nothing to do with money. it has to do with thanking God for all we ALREADY have. it's not going to a temple to pray to some ugly satanic idol for more money!
    we are thankful whether it is little or small.
    chinese new year is the poster child for the warped psyche of present day chinese culture- money, money, money.

  3. I think there is something really wrong about your outlook in life. I think you've been here way too long buddy, you need to go home and get some help, or some fresh air because this diatribe is not only bad for you but also bad for your readers.