Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy birthday taiwan! now stop making excuses!

a sincere happy birthday to the ROC and taiwan! now that you're 100 years old and about 60 years old respectively, time to get your shit together.
that's right! no more excuses about "well, we're a young country. we still haven't had time to develop", etc.
guess what? there are countries younger than you who are getting their act together. they are doing better at public safety and environmental issues than you have the will power or even desire to do.
guess what, taiwan? japan as we know it today is also 60 years old, and though they have problems, they have their act far more together than you.
what's holding taiwan back? it's excuses. excuses for why things have always been the way they are, and excuses for why we can't change them.
stand up taiwan! be the country that you can be! i cheer for you when you do it!