Monday, May 2, 2011

sex for english? yeah, why not!

i like to quote boxing coach freddie roach when he talks about people fighting over petty things in the gym -
"nobody's getting paid, why do it?".
i think the same about english teaching. i get paid from class beginning til class end. i can hang around a few minutes after class to help anybody who needs it.
but then there are those who have no problem whatsoever with trying to get you to be their "turn to" english vocab machine/ chat practice buddy. is anybody getting paid for this?
and if you're not getting paid, then maybe you should be getting laid. let me explain:
i used to help people for free. i did corrections on their english compositions in college. basically i was the reason a LOT of chinese students passed english. i know this because their writing was really bad. everyone who went to me got an A or B.
what did i get from this? well, Mandarin for one. fair exchange is no crime. friendship. some great home cooked chinese food.
but i have also seen people give me zero reciprocity. when MY hour of need came up, these people didn't give a damn. they already got their degree. they got into a better master's degree school than I'll ever be able to afford, got a better job, basically moved into american life.
i also see really beautiful women in taiwan who just want a first time foriegn friend. they want the foriegner "atmosphere". they want to chat english. they want help with their college app. they want help with their job app. then they go there, get a great job, move abroad, marry up.
and what did you get from this compared to what THEY got? did they ever consider you in their plans? oh, you're just an english teacher. an unpaid english teacher!
so don't be a rug: no fuck, no friend. no pussy, no pal.
nobody's gettin' paid, right?
and a fair exchange is no crime.