Wednesday, August 8, 2012

tai ke island: an internet mini novel

the following is an internet mini novel dystopia. hope you enjoy it^^ wang ping, writing in the year 2060, in the 40th year of the new taiwan republic, to the leaders of the G 50 nations, regarding the plight of separatists on what was formerly green island, now known colloquially as "taike island". i will give a brief chronology of the events and results of decisions made up to the present: 2020- president jeremy lin,a former basketball star, began a policy of rapid westernization and christianization of the island. his first steps were to illegalize all religious parades. this drew hostility from traditional taiwanese, whose religion, Dao, required such parades. lin also,on environmental grounds, banned all burning of paper money. 2023- traditional taiwanese factions, known as the "taike", formed a separatist coalition which took the form of protests and violent clashes. 2025- upon re-election, president lin issued a granting of separation proclamation to the taike, giving them full autonomy on green island, on the condition that they would now be forever denied entrance to taiwan proper as well as receiving no western technology. 2028- the exodus of a majority of the taike was complete. those who stayed decided to abandon the movement and embrace modernization. 2030- while on taiwan proper, crime had dropped drastically, on green island, it was rife. a heiarchy of thugs ruled the island. these thugs took wives from whomever they chose, and basically meted out justice according to their whims or relationships. on taiwan proper, the rule of law made all equal before it. 2035- on taiwan proper, pollution had dropped over 50%. modern farming techniques made practices such as field burning obsolete. also since the daoist population dropped by 85%,pollution from these religious sources were gone. the remaining serious daoist who held to Dao as a philosophy did not need to practice burning and were given full freedom under the separation of religion and state laws established by former president lin. on green island, henceforth known as taike island, pollution was reaching dangerous levels. taike had brought their previous western derived technology with them, despite their claims that they did not need anything from western culture. they used this technology to establish industry and trade on the island, nevertheless ignoring the pollution they created. 2040- disease is rife on taike island, since there are no western medical facilities. dental care is down the the pre-Dr.mackay era levels, in other words non existent.birth deformities from pollution are becoming common. 2050- the situation on taike island is bleak. last intelligence reports are that there are no trees anywhere on the island, due to them all being cut down for use in temples, manufacture of idols, and other religious uses. while food is grown on the island, its sale is controlled by thugs who set the prices. there is no true economy on the island. 2060- the G50 delgation investigated the island, only to find that the population has dwindled from many million to a few hundred thousand. the populace also is difficult to communicate with, since they only speak the in context of mysticism and superstition. many do not even know that taiwan proper exists. it is the humble asking of this writer, at the behest of the new republic of taiwan, that the G50 nations offer assistance to them, but to also vote no on allowing the taike to return to our island. our country has made remarkable strides. crime has dropped to near zero. our air is among the cleanest in asia. christianity, scientific atheism, and logical agnostism flourish on our island. a large criminal element, of which most of taike island is a part of, would infiltrate our island if they were allowed to return. we feel as if the devil has been bound, and we are living in the millenium of prosperity. we ask that our island be allowed to continue on its path of improvement, and those of taike island be allowed to continue on the path which they chose for themselves.