Tuesday, August 30, 2011

taiwan's middle class sickness

last week i went to visit my taiwan relatives. the mother in this family, like many taiwan middle class parents, is on a health kick. her cooking is totally tasteless,thanks to the absence of fats and salt, and other things that normally go into cooking, all in the name of making her kids healthy. needless to say, her kids have zero appetite, and suffer colds all the time.
this time, i said " let's order pizza tonight". the boy in this family suddenly hugged me like he had been starving for some real food. this set off an alarm for me.
when the pizza got there, i saw he had been crying before coming downstairs. seems mom had been telling him " remember your cold, pizza will make it worse" etc. i gave him two pieces and told him to eat up. he got the same nagging in the background, "remember your cold" and "remember your stomach, don't eat too much" even before he had taken a bite. i told him " eat up dude, you'll grow strong!" he laughed and went to work on the pizza like a kid from Somalia.
what is taiwan's middle class sickness? it's their total stupidity when it comes to knowing what's best for their children. they take whatever health advice/"evidence" is on TV as the gospel, instead of reference,and force it on their families.
like fats. everybody is trying to cut fats. but children need fats for their brains to grow.the brain is composed almost entirely of CHOLESTEROL! if you don't eat eggs, your brain will shrink!! look it up!
then taiwanese spout utterly stupid things like "eat ice cream in the winter, it will warm you up". take a good look at KURLIEAN PHOTOGRAPHY of someone eating ice cream! his body core turns BLUE , because it's almost ZERO DEGREES CELSIUS, dumb fuck! people have died in blizzards because they ate snow to hydrate and it dropped their core body temp to zero!
and anyway, colds are caused by a virus. pizza, whatever, doesn't make a bit of difference, dumbass yuppies!
the real reason for this societal sickness is because chinese culture in general only teaches suffering. a culture that only values the ability to suffer will in the end only transfer suffering onto others.
i hope this little guy rebels and becomes hooked on meat, cheese, eggs, bacon. i'd rather him reach adulthood than nirvana or some other nonsense like that. anal parents are doing more harm than good, if they do any good at all.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 myths about chinese culture that need to GO!

the following is a list of things many chinese/taiwanese hold sacred and assume to be true, and therefore fall under the wrath of my righteous keyboard:

1. the chinese are one people- let's see, the miao, hui, manchu,tujia, yi,mongol,buyei, dong,yao, oh yeah and han, the largest (claimed) ethnic group.there are probably over 100 different groups.how many chinese people are actually Han is up for debate.

2. the name "zhong guoh" means "middle kingdom" - wrong! it means a conglomeration of all the peoples living in that land. it was not meant to denote that the ancient chinese thought of themselves as being the center of the earth (a favorite myth of chinese nationalist/ sino-centrists to further instill feelings of racial superiority in chinese people).

3. chinese culture is one, unbroken, enlightened culture- chinese culture is fragmented by many dynasties, two of which were foriegn (mongols and manchu). some of the dynasties would be considered very englightened, while others were backwards and cruel. and that line is not drawn between foriegn and "han" dynasties. there were a large number of extremely stupid "han" rulers.

4. chinese writing is one continuous line of evolution to what it is now- false. there were other lineages of writing systems,but they died out, and we have (fortunately) the one we do now.

5. the chinese were more enlightened than the westerners- until 500 years ago. then they fell behind. and that falling behind has EVERYTHING to do with their own backwardness. time to put the blame where it belongs.and many things still practiced in chinese culture are cruel by modern standards. if these cruel practices are any hint, it is doubtful that the chinese were ever all that enlightened.

6. to be Chinese means to be Tao or Buddhist- buddhism came to china about 2000 years ago. tao was invented about 2500 years ago. if you want to claim chinese culture as being 5000 years old, stop condemning 3000 years of people before Tao and Buddha to being "not chinese", by your definition.
there are (since the 600AD for Christianity), chinese christians,chinese muslisms, and chinese jews with a long history/lineage. there are also "crypto" groups who hid their religion under the guise of buddhism/taoism. it is believed a large part of gwan ying/pusa iconology is really the Virgin Mary.

7.chinese culture developed on its own- another nationalistic wet dream. Bu Dai Xi,the famous taiwan puppets,actually orignated in Turkey. the oldest mummies in china were in fact Causcasian, and had in their possession accupuncture needles, long before the birth of Hua Tou , the supposed inventor of chinese medicine. the romans and greeks knew where china was. the silk road ran (and still does) to the West for thousands of years.

8.the chinese invented gunpowder and paper and that proves that they are a superior race- any group of people as large as the chinese is bound to have some geniuses. that doesn't mean the whole race is smart, just as some white guys sending a man to the moon doesn't make Caucasians superior. their culture,maybe. but not race.

so where does this leave you, if you are a chinese/taiwanese? be proud of your culture, but forget the rants of the chinese nationalists on both sides of the taiwan strait and amongst the chinese disporia who want to lead you astray. keep the useful things from chinese culture, and discard the rest. live a western life. you'll be happier.

Monday, August 15, 2011

the taiwanese facade

yes, you've probably seen it. local tries to run you off the road. you yell at him "hey, dude!". he stops his car/motorcycle, starts screaming, you stand there terrifed or you take off (don't blame you for either action).
but wait. why is he yelling? isn't he mr. tough, all powerful to do you damage? why does he scream and warn you? is he doing you a favor? showing you mercy?
the truth is, mr. loudmouth can't do shit. that is, he can't do shit if you don't flinch. the whole yelling routine is a facade. it is a form of "interview" to see how far he can take it with you. by flinching at his noise (and that's all it is) you have given him license to do what he wants. and his yelling is really a way for him to psyche himself up ,cause guess what? he's scared too.
i have engaged these guys in their game, and NOT ONE OF THEM was ever able to come across with the goods- either they did nothing or they tried a wussy ass move like pushing (terrible move in a fight). the one guy who tried this literally WILTED when i pushed him back.
these guys are TERRIBLE fighters. really terrible. and chinese kung fu won't help them.
i don't recommend that you engage them if you don't have to, but next time, don't run. take a good look at what you're seeing- a stupid spoiled hick that THINKS he get his way with everyone. look him in the eye.
these guys are really a joke,and once you see the facade exposed before your very eyes, it's liberating.