Monday, August 15, 2011

the taiwanese facade

yes, you've probably seen it. local tries to run you off the road. you yell at him "hey, dude!". he stops his car/motorcycle, starts screaming, you stand there terrifed or you take off (don't blame you for either action).
but wait. why is he yelling? isn't he mr. tough, all powerful to do you damage? why does he scream and warn you? is he doing you a favor? showing you mercy?
the truth is, mr. loudmouth can't do shit. that is, he can't do shit if you don't flinch. the whole yelling routine is a facade. it is a form of "interview" to see how far he can take it with you. by flinching at his noise (and that's all it is) you have given him license to do what he wants. and his yelling is really a way for him to psyche himself up ,cause guess what? he's scared too.
i have engaged these guys in their game, and NOT ONE OF THEM was ever able to come across with the goods- either they did nothing or they tried a wussy ass move like pushing (terrible move in a fight). the one guy who tried this literally WILTED when i pushed him back.
these guys are TERRIBLE fighters. really terrible. and chinese kung fu won't help them.
i don't recommend that you engage them if you don't have to, but next time, don't run. take a good look at what you're seeing- a stupid spoiled hick that THINKS he get his way with everyone. look him in the eye.
these guys are really a joke,and once you see the facade exposed before your very eyes, it's liberating.

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