Thursday, April 12, 2012

taiwan's errie "same star,different channel" phenomenon

this has happened too many times to count, and i don't think it's an accident. you're watching channel A, and mark wahlberg is on. then you switch down to channel D, and he's on that channel in another movie.
i've seen this with too many stars: stallone, arnold, cage, you name it. the guy is on 2 channels in a different movie.
what gives? i suspect either one company has an insider on what the other is going to broadcast and, true to the copycat mentality here, tries to match it by putting the same star on their channel, albeit,in a different story.
or, it could be(having a tinfoil hat moment here, bear with me) something more sinister, like....taiwan government psy-ops, for what purpose i don't know. or it could be a way for AIT/CIA to put part of one coded message into one movie, then complete it in the other.
i also suspect the appearance of yacht racing results in the Taipei Times newspaper. to me, yacht racing is an upper east coast white activity, of which the CIA is dominantly made up of. these reports could be a way for AIT/CIA to post messages to operatives around taiwan, yacht racing being a keyword/beacon/catch-phrase for them to focus on. i have no idea actually, but the whole thing seems errie, cause who gives a fuck about yacht racing?
anyway, it's just another one of those weird things here that makes you go "hmmm...."