Thursday, June 7, 2012

what the wang jien ming affair says about taiwan women

sorry this late.better late than never. so wang jien ming had an affair. well, la di da. just like tiger woods likes to fuck. why does this shit even make the news? according to the official press release,wang broke it off with the girl, she threatened to go public. wang felt guilty about the affair and decided to come clean. my version is, wang went public to avoid this bitch breaking the news herself. whatever. it says a lot about taiwan women in general, for one, the whole "you used me" mentality. there are even taiwan women who will cry rape if they feel they've been used, even though the sex was consenual. wang is lucky he didn't get hauled off to jail on such charges. wang's wife's reaction says a lot about taiwan women too, ie, their willingness to turn a blind eye to infidelity to save face and family. that's respectable, and probably the best way around for everyone involved. american women are too ready to divorce. taiwan women tend to try to keep the family together. are taiwan women clingy, desperate bitches who get their claws into you and won't let go?many are. but the flip side of that is, once they marry, they tend to hang onto the family unit. and that's a good thing.