Saturday, March 19, 2011

gangsters are douchebags

mafia of any extraction are the biggest fucking losers and hypocrites on the planet. their whole " rob the rich protect the weak" line is just an excuse. how is forcing an aborigine girl to take 30 prostitution customers "protecting the weak"?
then they call themselves "patriots". what a lot of chinese people don't know is THE CHINESE MAFIA participated in the raping and murdering of other chinese during WWII (look up the black flags). also many of the top ranking people in the chinese mafia are actually JAPANESE! i challenge any mafia buff to prove me wrong on this. do your research.
if the mafia is the "protector of the people" that they claim, what were they doing during the 228 massacre? what were they doing during the "white terror" campaign?
yes, gangsters sometimes might help you pick up your motorcycle, but they also will run their car into your bike too, depending on the day. they only do right when it does right by them!
the taiwan people need to wake up to what these assholes really are, a stink on society (pun intended). any president worth his salt should hunt them down and purge this country of them once and for all.