Sunday, April 7, 2013

were we prepped for jeremy lin? (and taiwan's hypocrisy,thrown in)

i will never be one to denegrate the talents or character of jeremey lin. anyone who can even get in the NBA is great. Charles Barkely said that even the guys who warm the bench like jeremy used to do are better than 99% of all the people who will ever pick up a basketball. jeremy was major unnoticed until that night when he was given the chance. and the rest is history. but something gives. thnking back to the movie "Ping Pong Playa", about a chinese guy in the US who just wants to play basketball. the whole movie runs like a chinese culturalist propaganda flick, much like "push hands" which i beleive was sponsored by the taiwan fact i'm pretty sure it is, being a "gouh pien", ie "national movie" which taiwan has been subsidizing for several years now. my question is (not an accusation): were we prepped for jeremy lin? was the movie Ping Pong Playa, unbeknown even to Jeremey Lin, a chinese culturalist psy-ops to prepare us for his entrance? taiwan's joy over Lin is understandable, even though he is technically an AMERICAN. but would taiwan allow, say, a white musician here to achieve the same as jeremey lin has done in the US? no, they would not. they would block him, shun him, cut him off from any opportunity.the taiwan record industry would not ever consider that a less than 50% chinese blood might be their jeremy lin and score 20 points for them in one game. self promoting? whatever. if i don't nobody will.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

my opinion of filipino workers in taiwan

i have a sort of closeness with filipinos, if for nothing else than that we share a western cultural view via some form of christianity. and i empathize with them when they tell me about their bosses, cause i know most taiwanese who are employing them are MEGA assholes! that said, i have a few observations about filipinos. just my opinion. your mileage may vary. it seems filipina women think their vagina is made of gold. they think because they have two tits and a twat that they can have any man they want. then again, in their country, that may be true; their wares might well be the only thing a value a woman has, so i don't blame them too much. i look at them as childish,mostly. filipino men, however, are another story. they're pretty much macho bastards. they like to stare at people,but i don't take that stare to be a challenge to fight. it's more like an empty, poverty stare of a hungry animal that makes me feel more sorry for them than anything. what pisses me off is when i try to say hi to them,they act like you challenged them or something. they're always trying to show their friends how tough they are by rejecting a non- filipino's offer of friendship. i say most, not all of them. i also find it nearly impossible to get a filipino's attention. they seem to live in their own little world. and filipino women live with a cellphone stuck in their ears. all in all, i don't have too much against them, considering that they come from one of the truly shitty countries on this planet. i have zero sympathy for the chinese and japanese however, simply because they think themselves to be so superior because they have somebody browner than themselves to boss around. i even know a filipina who doesn't get but one sunday off a month! these taiwanese bosses are some motherfuckers! taiwan people listen: treat people right. one day, you might be somebody's slave. maybe sooner than you think.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the best way to meet girls in taiwan

"some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain", Rod Stewart an oldie, but true. if you're one of those foriegn (or local) guys who are in a rut, stuck in bad relationship,or getting dissed by the girls you meet, etc i'm going to tell you the BEST way to meet girls in taiwan. get on the train. that's right, doesn't matter where to, or even if you actually need to take the train, GET ON IT! taking train rides is the best way to meet chicks. how you ask? for one, you can walk up to a girl on the platform and ask her a question, ie., is this where we wait for the train to tai chung, is this train on time, etc. it doesn't matter if you don't really need to know something or not. BUST A MOVE. this is the ice breaker A LOT of girls have been waiting for. and don't let the conversaton end there. ask her if she can speak english. talk about the weather. don't let the conversation die. if she getting on the same train as you and she doesn't have a seat, pretend you don't either. stand with her all the way to her destination and chat her up!! if she's not getting on the same train as you, etc, make sure you exchange FB or better , give her your own, truly unique contact card! take a train trip every weekend. use the train every day of the week if you can. use the bus,too. meet as many girls as you can. the ones that diss you, ie., try to emasculate you, drop them like the ugly cunt that they are. don't give up.and don't settle til you find the girl of your dreams. Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

taiwan boys: begging for bleeding vagina

there are two or three TV commericals in Taiwan that are a prime example of the agenda of state femenists embedded in the bureau of cultural affairs. in these ads, the boy looks pitifully at the girl and asks if she's on her period. then he goes out and buys her some menestrual tonic which is supposed to make her tummy feel all better. so is this the new strategy for getting pussy- asking a girl if she's on the rag? or is this the new "male" standard that is being force fed to taiwan men? true, in the past taiwan men have been bastards when it comes to women.some still are. but a lot of taiwan guys are modernized and treat girls pretty good, but in an attempt to over compensate for the assholes, they tend be a litte too soft. taiwan women now have a standard for men that is pretty unattainable by any guy who is making an honest presentation of himself. in other words, the guys who get the pussy nowdays pretty much have to put on an act, being as doting as they possibly can, or taiwan girl will go shopping elsewhere. while on the subject of bleeding vaginas, i find some taiwan girls all to willing to tell you about their period. i really want to ask them, " so if we're going to talk about your bleeding vagina, does that mean next week when it stops bleeding we can keep talking about it? will i be able to use the vagina?". these bitches are just using guys as girlfriends when the girls aren't around. and talkng about their bleeding pussy (which they're never going to let him use) is the ultimate slap in the face to a real man, and they know it. personally, i think these ads are going to get some boys in trouble. asking a girl about a sexual issue is a sure way to get sued or even put in jail. boys, take advice from a real man i read from long ago, " real men usually have nothing to do with women". pretty good advice.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is Ma a crypto-muslim?

i had a friend whose family name was Ma. She told me she had to go do some religious ritual her family does every year. i was thinking she was talking about something Taoist,and was shocked to hear her say " no my family is muslim". she went on to explain how muslim was her family's religion from way back, how their religion was totally chinese, their eating customs (which were radically different from middle eastern muslims), etc. her family's version of islam was veiled under chinese culture. it resembled Taoism but it wasn't. According to wikipedia, the family name Ma comes from Mohammed (repronounced in chinese as Ma Ha Me). my friend told me that MOST people in taiwan named Ma have a muslim ancestor. so why do we see Ma ying Jiou kowtowing in MaDzu temples? why do we see him holding those incese sticks all the time? is it just to court votes, or is there something deeper about MaDzu (in other words is she really a chinese-ized form of Fatima, or even the Virgin Mary, and is that the real secret that the Tao sects in taiwan want to keep hidden)? this would not be the first thing to have been hidden this way.There are famous cryto "kurisutan" sites in japan as well as in china. even the martial arts may be crypto- occidental. Karate master Mas Oyama said that karate came from greece, by way of alexander to india, then onward into china, and finally to okinawa and japan. the oral traditions of karate state that "karate does not come from buddhism or shinto". it is also beleived that wing chun kung fu may have orignated in egypt, due to its emphasis on triangles.heiroglyphs of simliar movements to wing chun have been found in pyramids. it is beleived the system was transmitted as part of an ancient set of knowledge contained in the libraries of alexandria that made its way to china proper. at any rate, if Ma is a crypto muslim, and indeed his visit to a taipei mosque sometime back may be a hint, coming out of the closet would be a great thing. at least, it would open up a conversaton about what it means to be chinese. not all chinese burn incense and paper money and pray to their ancestors. there are chinese jews, muslims, and christians with a thousand year lineage, not to mention many groups in china practice tribal relgions. are they any less "chinese"?