Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the real reason for evil in taiwan

it is because they worship a female deity. either in the form of the Taoist gwan ying or ma dzu OR the buddhist version of pu sah. in either way, the worship of female dieties is a root problem in taiwan, just as it is in Sicily and their worship of Mary.both of these countries find the roots of their "machismo" or "mafioso" in the worship of the female.
in ancient times, female deities have been for fertility and birthing rites. but the essential traits of females make them strange gods to serve: wishy washy, going by feeling rather than facts. one could argue that the male deity YVWH is a violent God,but it is interesting to note that ALL of the peoples mentioned in the Bible as evile were in fact worshippers of female dieties.
it is this essential fact that makes taiwanese people so wishy washy. it is also the reason they care little about facts. taiwan people live by feelings. if something feels a certain way then it "IS" that way.
there is a REASON why the west progressed so fast after throwing off catholicism. once the reformation came, so did REASON, science , and progress. why are italy and tawan both under the thumb of mafia?because of a female diety who demands their allegiance. why have taiwan women become so slutty and high minded? because this society worships them. literally worships them.
i'm as attracted to the female form as much as the next guy, but the literal WORSHIP of the female form is, in my religion,expressly FORBIDDEN.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

spine-less foriegners(part 2): the weak and the rotten

in this installment on spineless foriegners, i wish to hit the two types: the weak- ass ones, and the evil ones.
a few months ago i was watching one of those singing contests on TV, and noticed that one of the contestants was an Anglo, a foriegner.
the guy was asked the usual dumb questions, but it sounded to me like he was explaining why he had entered their precious contest.
being courteous is one thing, but being a pussy is another!!
you DO NOT have to thank locals for letting you breathe their air. you have a visa in your pocket that says you can stay here. you have a love for their culture and hopefully for the people as well. that gives you the RIGHT to be here.
and if a contest is open to everyone (though taiwanese really fear foriegn competition at times, hence foriegner only singing contests), you have a RIGHT to enter and either lose gracefully or beat the competition into the MUD!!
you also don't have to take any shit from anyone. i don't. don't let people take your place in line. someone cuts in front of me, i cut back. i let them know if they want to go any further, the consequences will be THEIRS not mine.
i'm not trying to be a jerk. it's just that i REFUSE to live by the "it's their country so i should let them crap on me" mentality.
the other side of spineless-ness is the " i'm a real american, he's a loser" technique. this is where you are struggling at a bushiban, just trying to teach as best you can, when one guy spreads around that you are a loser but that he himself is a more standard example of a "healthy foriegner". and since a LOT of taiwanese can't think for themselves, he manages to get some response from these accusations.
he may be trying to do you in because you're a better teacher than him, or he feels threatened that his percieved "pussy harem" is not all for him anymore.
in any case, you have to just roll with this one. the people who believe him aren't worth your time, even if it's your supervisor.
there's a verse in proverbs " but against jealousy, who can stand?".
jealous foriegners will do you in unless the people around them are smart enough to see thru it.
be on time every day and prepare your lessons. that gives this kind of creep a much smaller target.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

the trash mentality of "tai ke"

there are many wonderful taiwanese people that i have been blessed to know, of many social strata. that's why i hesitate to write about taiwan's ming nan speaking blue collar people, some of whom call themselves "tai ke".
first of all, i admire the fact that they are a freedom loving people. they also take no crap from anybody, even the government. they are fun loving, and free spirited, perhaps because of their rejection of the mainland imported confuciansim of the school system.
but my admiration is tempered by the fact that i deal with their negative side everyday.
i have seen more stupidity in rural taiwan, more violence, more disrespect of others, more pollution (both noise and material) and more rudeness, and more dishonesty than any place i have ever been on this planet.
this blame i put firmly on TAOISM! it is an evil religion.there i said it!
folk taoism has made the rural taiwanese stupid beyond compare. i regularly see them doing stupid things that defy discription. that would be ok if i saw such maybe once or twice a year. in fact in the States, i almost never see people doing like them. but in taiwan i see stupidity 20,maybe 30 times a day!
also while driving in the US, i might meet a road jerk maybe once a year, but in rural taiwan, maybe 10 times a day.
why are so many (not all but TOO MANY) rural taiwanese so selfish and ignorant?
i beleive it's because their brain is full of garbage from taoism. they are so busy with the requirements of taoism that they cannot use their minds in a reasonable manner.
take for instance the idea of burning incense. the meaning of using 3 sticks of incense is "respect heaven, respect earth, respect man".
yet, how is burning tons of paper into the air respecting the earth? how is leaving your firecracker wrappings respecting the earth?
respect for man? how is spitting your betel nuts on the road respect for man? how is playing your stupid karaoke at top volume respect for man? how are your endless loud parades respect for others? and your loud talking, your agressive, selfish driving, your littering of every highway with your betel nut cups? is that respect for earth or man?
respect for heaven? the only thing folk taoism teaches is respect for the dead. the dead are more important than the living. in fact, if one were to follow the farmer's almanac to the letter, his/her time would be CONSUMED with dealing with the dead, as well as not being able to make decisions for themelves. but even such respect for the dead is for the reason that "i must help them so they'll help me". again a selfish reason.
and finally taoism teaches a sell your soul to satan form of mentality, ie " just pray to me, and i will give you fortune. you don't have to be good, you can even be a criminal. no requirement here other than you burn incense to me".
selfish evil religions make selfish evil people. just like radical islam, fanatical taoism is just as dangerous.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

spine-less foriegners

one doesn;t have to live in taiwan long as a foriegner to know that there are a LOT of worthless foriegners here, as well as really great people from all countries. weeding out the chaf from the wheat is pretty much the same as it would be anywhere else: trial and error.
but taiwan has a couple of other factors working against you.
first of all, this country rewards the first kind- the assholes. foriegners who tow the line of these bushibans that just want to make money off these children are looked at as gold. those who will rat out other foriegners are even more valuable. i knew one guy who was a TERRIBLE teacher who hit on female students in the most errie of ways, but was kept on because he reported on other foriegners.
teachers who also cannot speak any chinese at all and don't CARE SHIT about taiwan culture are routinely paid MORE than those who make the effort.
also TV rewards stupid foriegners.the more stupid the better. "insult my race? fine. just let me get on TV and be stupid because in my own country i'm nothing and could never get that opportunity."
pubs even reward stupid foriegners. the worse your chinese, the better your chances of getting laid. it's a fact.
and where do these spine-less foriegners congregate? usually forumosa.com or some other taiwan sympathizer site.
yes i said it. those sites do everything they can to build up taiwan as a paradise and crack down on any dissent or truth telling about how taiwan really is.
try it and see. it's a clique. and those in the IN GROUP don't even have to obey rules like sending THREATENING LETTERS! that was done to me more than ONCE. no punishment to these people.
that's the other factor you have to watch out for: there are relatively FEW foriegners here in the english teacher crowd- most foriegners are in fact technical workers. but that small crowd has a number of people who will do ANYTHING to hold on to their little island paradise.
watch yourself.