Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the real reason for evil in taiwan

it is because they worship a female deity. either in the form of the Taoist gwan ying or ma dzu OR the buddhist version of pu sah. in either way, the worship of female dieties is a root problem in taiwan, just as it is in Sicily and their worship of Mary.both of these countries find the roots of their "machismo" or "mafioso" in the worship of the female.
in ancient times, female deities have been for fertility and birthing rites. but the essential traits of females make them strange gods to serve: wishy washy, going by feeling rather than facts. one could argue that the male deity YVWH is a violent God,but it is interesting to note that ALL of the peoples mentioned in the Bible as evile were in fact worshippers of female dieties.
it is this essential fact that makes taiwanese people so wishy washy. it is also the reason they care little about facts. taiwan people live by feelings. if something feels a certain way then it "IS" that way.
there is a REASON why the west progressed so fast after throwing off catholicism. once the reformation came, so did REASON, science , and progress. why are italy and tawan both under the thumb of mafia?because of a female diety who demands their allegiance. why have taiwan women become so slutty and high minded? because this society worships them. literally worships them.
i'm as attracted to the female form as much as the next guy, but the literal WORSHIP of the female form is, in my religion,expressly FORBIDDEN.


  1. i have no time for editing today. i'm just throwing the idea out there before i get too busy.

  2. I like your blog. Sensational and muck-raking--in the good sense!

    What's interesting is that Kuan Yin (Guan Ying, etc.) was actually a man in the Indian Buddhist tradition. She had a 'sex change' after arriving in China bringing him/her more in line with the Taoist deities.

    The other interesting thing is your link between female and evil--which is similar to the strategy of the Catholic church who worked hard to link the Wicca or Pagan priestesses to the devil (see Pope Innocent VIII), i.e. the birth of the witch.

  3. thanks for stopping by and your comments.

    i think the catholic church invented the veneration of the Virgin Mary because Rome was a pantheist society that already had female deities. they pursecuted the pagans because basically it was " you wanna worship a woman it's gonna be OUR woman".
    i just read an article about boxing. they were talking about how many in england felt boxing was a "shield against foriegn effememincy". i found that comment remarkable.
    i find taiwanese men, for all their bravado and machisomo, to be quiet effeminant. especially when it comes to fatherhood. they can't DIY a cabinet. they can't fix a wire. they don;t teach their sons much of anything.
    even their martial arts are steeped in effeminant philosophy.
    this philosophy allows the mafia to keep it's hold on thi country. the men refuse to take it upon themselves to rid this country of this shame.
    my ancestors in the US took out a winchester 30/30 and rid their towns of these thugs in short order, and HANGED the rest!
    boxing also takes no crap. it just delivers crushing blows for which no philosophy is necessary.
    taiwan manhood is misdirected into thug-ism because taiwan fathers SUCK at their job. they provide ZERO man model at home. they only make money but never teach their sons how to be a man.

  4. thanks for coming by. i've been away from my blog for awhile. but more coming!

  5. Hi, It's me again :)
    I read that being a dumb ass thing about Taiwanese men and it really sucks.
    You said above,
    "why have taiwan women become so slutty and high minded? because this society worships them. literally worships them."
    From what I found on internet is that Taiwanese women is not really treated very well by Taiwanese man that's why they always look for or prefer foreigners as a boyfriend or husband just like you said in your other post I was just reading.
    Would you like to put some light on this?
    And also how religious are Taiwanese?
    Are they really extreme in their religious matters like Muslims?
    Are they like "you do your stuff and let us do our stuff" OR they are like "assholes" (nothing needs to explain here, I guess)?

  6. One more thing, there must be some Muslims there, Sorry stupid question..there are Muslims there in Taiwan,
    How are they? I mean are they like Muslims in Pakistan, extreme about their beliefs or they are not really bother themselves with Islam and stuff?
    There are more local Muslims there or foreigner Muslims?
    How are they treated there? (I mean Muslims in general)
    I read that there is concept of one girl/boy and one marriage in Taiwan...how true is that?
    Do they really stick to one girl/guy all their life or its just something from golden past?
    How re minorities treated there (not just Muslims)? (the answer of this questions is pretty much scattered all over your blog but I still want to ask)

  7. welcome back friend!

    taiwan actually has a muslim history, well actually china does. the "Cha" people are muslim. many of them came over with chiang kai shek after WWII. several, but not all people with the family name "Ma" are chinese muslim. of course, chinese islam is VERY different from the suni/shiite,etc found in the middle east.
    for taiwan "heritage" muslims, the religion is more of a family tradition/practice, and not a "read religion". they engage in certain rituals in replacement for ancestor worship. it is very chinese.
    on women:
    there is a two faced way that women are treated. seemingly no middle. either they treat them like goddesses (the wimpy ass guys with money do this) or like shit (the tough guys do this). some women are lucky enough to have a decent husband, especially the 20 somethings coming out of colllege.
    but for women my age (upper 30s to 40s), most of them are in unhappy marriages.

  8. also some old school guys with money tend to treat them like shit too.

  9. The argument of this blog has serious logical flaws.

    There is no evidence in history that gender of the deity affects thinking processes. If you examine the historical texts on city states in Ancient Greece, there is absolutely no correlation between gender of the deity and thought processes... say between Athens (which had a female god) versus Corinth (which had a male god), etc.

    And... even if there were a correlation, it does not mean there is causation. That is, just because you did see a difference between gender of the god and thinking processes you cannot claim it is causal without more evidence.