Thursday, February 24, 2011

taiwan women's merciless standard

with modernizaton comes modern expectations. taiwan women have a right to want more than these traditional, pig-headed men of the past. but the standard can swing too far the other way, too.
last night i had a smaller class than usual, so we had more chat time, less formal (not that my classes are ever like that). we got around to talking about what girls like in guys. of my 7 students, 5 ladies and 2 guys, ALL the girls said they expected their future mate to be tall.
while i am well aware of tall being a handsome trait, i pressed the question further- why?
the response i got was pretty shocking. it was, to me, as cold, pragmatic,and calculating as any i've ever heard come from a woman's mouth.
the answer: " so my children can be tall"!!
these women want good genes! they're picking a guy based on his genetic material/potential.
of course, evolution/sex theory has always said we do this, subconsciously. but here was the first time i'd ever heard anybody consciously on the cruise for good DNA.
i find that taiwan women tend to think of men as "fitting a slot"., ie " i need a husband", this person can fit this slot, rather than " i really like this guy. i want to be with him".
people become pegs that can fit into their little holes (fruedian slip intended). pegs that fit into their preconcieved ideas and goals.
the kind of cold hearted answer i heard last night makes me almost want to, in the words of a friend of mine, "find as many women as i can and [revenge] fuck them without mercy!"
it makes me want to put lifts in my shoes, say i'm not married, and go around catching every one of these bitches i can at their own game. find 'em, fool 'em , use 'em, forget 'em.
i can understand if women find tall to be attractive. but sighting a guy out for his genetic potential, just so you can have tall kids to brag about? fuck you bitch!
for all their talk about career, blah, blah, blah, these women are still breeders.
i heard that all women really want is love. do these kind of women really deserve that?