Thursday, January 28, 2010

matthew lien : cultural plant by TW government

notice how matthew lien has the full blessing of the taiwan government in everything he does? his shows are all sponsored by the ministry of cultural affairs.
why? because he is what the TW government considers to be a "safe" forigner. he is in fact, a tool of their agenda, to create a numbed down, tree hugging, do what i say society.
matthew lien's music is for a niche market, which is fine- environmental sounds and songs of conscience are a good thing to relax to. but why does matthew lien have priviledges? why is he the darling of the ministry of cultural affairs?
my guess is that he is a culural trade from the Canadian government office in Taiwan. he promotes eco- tourism to canada, while building up the self esteem of taiwanese by living here and singing about the trees, the flowers, and the rabbit shit up on the mountain.
any foriegner trying to release a record in taiwan will meet up will stonewalling and excuses. it is almost impossible for one to get cultural venues to perform in taiwan, save the occassional underground pub.
so how did matthew lien do it? think about it.