Friday, July 2, 2010

what people don't get about ah mei/ah miit

on the surface,the ah mei/ah miit phenomenon looks like just another record company ploy thanks to their lack of talent via nepotism.
but if that were the case, why ah mei? she IS talented. she has a great voice and stage presence. why would SHE need a gimmick such as this?
there may be another reason, though i imagine few people want to walk that far into the dark side.
that is, ah mei may be being handled by certain government bureaus. ah mei's alter personality screams PROGRAMMED MULTIPLE!
even if this is not case, she has a serious problem. the idea that one has more than one person living inside her, and that this personality can be expressed by changing one's hair color, etc has many implications, especially for young people struggling to find their own identity. it's just plain SCARY!
another issue is the record companies' "need" to turn people out- turn them into stage whores who all do the same song and dance with the same bling bling stage setup.
WHY? what is the purpose, if not to CONTROL THE CONTENT OF MUSIC??
ah me/ah mitt is just the tip of the dark side. something is going on.
i hope she can break free.