Tuesday, March 12, 2013

my opinion of filipino workers in taiwan

i have a sort of closeness with filipinos, if for nothing else than that we share a western cultural view via some form of christianity. and i empathize with them when they tell me about their bosses, cause i know most taiwanese who are employing them are MEGA assholes! that said, i have a few observations about filipinos. just my opinion. your mileage may vary. it seems filipina women think their vagina is made of gold. they think because they have two tits and a twat that they can have any man they want. then again, in their country, that may be true; their wares might well be the only thing a value a woman has, so i don't blame them too much. i look at them as childish,mostly. filipino men, however, are another story. they're pretty much macho bastards. they like to stare at people,but i don't take that stare to be a challenge to fight. it's more like an empty, poverty stare of a hungry animal that makes me feel more sorry for them than anything. what pisses me off is when i try to say hi to them,they act like you challenged them or something. they're always trying to show their friends how tough they are by rejecting a non- filipino's offer of friendship. i say most, not all of them. i also find it nearly impossible to get a filipino's attention. they seem to live in their own little world. and filipino women live with a cellphone stuck in their ears. all in all, i don't have too much against them, considering that they come from one of the truly shitty countries on this planet. i have zero sympathy for the chinese and japanese however, simply because they think themselves to be so superior because they have somebody browner than themselves to boss around. i even know a filipina who doesn't get but one sunday off a month! these taiwanese bosses are some motherfuckers! taiwan people listen: treat people right. one day, you might be somebody's slave. maybe sooner than you think.