Thursday, December 27, 2012

a new year,and more truth coming!

another year has gone by at truth about taiwan, and we're ready to take on the new one! I'll be back with even harder hitting articles, asking the questions that need to be asked. the truth about taiwan has been here for 3 years,gaining followers, without much in the way of internet savvy. i beleive it's because the truth, or at least an honest attempt at it, is what people really want. if you tell the truth, or at least your honest opinion of it, people will come. i thank you all for your loyal readership of this site. We're here to make the good guys smile and the bad guys tremble, and to expose the agendas that are trying to define what all of us,foriegner and local,should be. Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

staying warm in taiwan winter

winters in taiwan are dreary,thanks to Siberan cold fronts mixed with local dampness. on top of that, houses in taiwan have no insulation! they are built of steel and concrete to withstand earthquakes and typhoons. for that purpose they do very well. but nobody thought to put in another wall with insulation behind it. at any rate, there are things you can do to keep yourself and your "tao fang" (small suite, as i presume most foriegners will rent this kind of house) warm, and they don't cost much: 1. go get some "tatami squares". these are artificial tatamis cut into pieces with jigsaw edges to fit them together. very cheap, and VERY effective for keeping the cold from coming up thru the concrete floors. your room will feel TOTALLY different with these. 2. make sure you have curtains on your windows. tons of cold comes thru glass via osmosis. 3. you need TWO kinds of blankets on your bed (DO NOT SLEEP ON THE FLOOR). the first blanket is the "fuzzy" kind. that goes on the bed, under you. the second is a japanese futon style blanket. ALWAYS BUY 100% natural flller and covering for these or you will wake up wet from sweat. 4. turn your small space heater on at regular intervals, but not all night. 5. this sounds backwards, but you MUST keep your window cracked a little during the night. waking up choking from CO2 that you've breathed back and forth IS NOT FUN. 6. sleep with a cap on. 7. outside wear should consist of a gortex undewear layer, followed by a T shirt and jeans, then a cotton jacket, followed by a wind breaker. this is so you can peel layers if/when it warms up sometimes in the day. a scarf, gloves, winter socks, and cap round out the ensemble. most of your heat escapes thru your head, hands and feet. 8. on your scooter, wear a wind breaker and make sure you have a raincoat AND rainboots and gloves. having any part of your body wet and cold on a scooter is not fun. also wear a FULL FACE HELMET! it's safer, and keeps your head warm and dry. 9. try to drink more soup and hot tea. 10. do your computer work at starbucks or other warm place.^^ that's all. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

more wing chun bullshit, exposed

sorry to divert once again to martial arts, but since i don't actually have a "wing chun blog" i will merge my two interests (wing chun and taiwan stupidity) in one post. bear with me. i'll try to make it relevant to taiwan/chinese culture.

wing chun is full of shit. yes it's a good style, but there is some defintite bullshit going on in this style:

1. centerline theory- wing chun people claim "most of your important organs are on the centerline, so you must protect them by placing your guard there". oh really? which ones? your liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, even heart, are NOT ON THE CENTERLINE. and forget about " pressure points" on the centerline. i'd rather you hit me with your fancy smancy pressure points than get a DIRECT HIT to my liver because i was too stupid to guard it like a good boxer does.

2. a straight line produces the most power- if so, then why do baseball players swing the bat in an arc? why not just bunt? cause straight lines don't produce much power. torque and circular motion DO. i'd take a wing chun punch over a left hook from a boxer anyday.

3. intercepting is better than blocking- hate to tell you this, but in order to intercept (punch someone while they're punching you, without him actually hitting you) your action would have to be TWICE AS FAST as his initial action, because REACTION IS ALWAYS SLOWER THAN ACTION! there is a time lag between when he starts the action and when you percive the action, to when you react. and a good boxer gives nearly ZERO indication as to where and when he's going to hit you. 4. fuck your sifu- so tired of seeing westerners the size of football players groveling over little old chinese guys, calling them master. straighten your back, stop bowing, and get a life. 5. fuck your lineage- show me which lineage is winning in the MMA, and i'll listen, other wise shut the fuck up. half of the history your master told you is bullshit anyway, and it's damn well not worth having death matches over. 6. i learned the system , so i'm deadly - if it were that easy to be a badass, the whole world would be filled with an army of wing chun geeks wreaking havoc. luckily, things like toughness and killer cunning can't be taught in schools, and don't really even require a martial art to have. so prepare to get your ass kicked one day, no matter who much kung fu you know. 7. let's chi sao in public- a really narcisstic, stupid activity. 8. theory theory theory- til you get hit or taken to the ground. then theory doesn't mean jack does it? .... all for now. tired of writing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

if you're not living in taipei.....

... you're basically wasting your taiwan experience. i lived in taipei for many years before moving to another part of the island, and all i can say is, the change in scenery doesn't make up for the utter stupidity of rural taiwan people. in taipei, people generally know that they can't make too much noise,don't park their vehicles like they have dyslexia, and generally don't act like they just came out of a chimpanzee cage. but the rest of this island, in the words of george carlin " Holy jumping shitballs! dumber than a second coat of paint!" you as a foriegner (unless you just look at the ground everytime rural taiwanese think you should) will have many problems with these people. it won't be long before they start pushing the limits with you, because they want to show you that you (and yes even your taiwan spouse) are outsiders. these people are also violent and basically have the law on their side thanks to gwan shi with the cops. also, their constant, noisy religious rituals and burning of paper money even drives taipei people batty. take my advice: move to taipei and stay there. the rest of this island isn't worth your time and stress.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

tai ke island: an internet mini novel

the following is an internet mini novel dystopia. hope you enjoy it^^ wang ping, writing in the year 2060, in the 40th year of the new taiwan republic, to the leaders of the G 50 nations, regarding the plight of separatists on what was formerly green island, now known colloquially as "taike island". i will give a brief chronology of the events and results of decisions made up to the present: 2020- president jeremy lin,a former basketball star, began a policy of rapid westernization and christianization of the island. his first steps were to illegalize all religious parades. this drew hostility from traditional taiwanese, whose religion, Dao, required such parades. lin also,on environmental grounds, banned all burning of paper money. 2023- traditional taiwanese factions, known as the "taike", formed a separatist coalition which took the form of protests and violent clashes. 2025- upon re-election, president lin issued a granting of separation proclamation to the taike, giving them full autonomy on green island, on the condition that they would now be forever denied entrance to taiwan proper as well as receiving no western technology. 2028- the exodus of a majority of the taike was complete. those who stayed decided to abandon the movement and embrace modernization. 2030- while on taiwan proper, crime had dropped drastically, on green island, it was rife. a heiarchy of thugs ruled the island. these thugs took wives from whomever they chose, and basically meted out justice according to their whims or relationships. on taiwan proper, the rule of law made all equal before it. 2035- on taiwan proper, pollution had dropped over 50%. modern farming techniques made practices such as field burning obsolete. also since the daoist population dropped by 85%,pollution from these religious sources were gone. the remaining serious daoist who held to Dao as a philosophy did not need to practice burning and were given full freedom under the separation of religion and state laws established by former president lin. on green island, henceforth known as taike island, pollution was reaching dangerous levels. taike had brought their previous western derived technology with them, despite their claims that they did not need anything from western culture. they used this technology to establish industry and trade on the island, nevertheless ignoring the pollution they created. 2040- disease is rife on taike island, since there are no western medical facilities. dental care is down the the pre-Dr.mackay era levels, in other words non existent.birth deformities from pollution are becoming common. 2050- the situation on taike island is bleak. last intelligence reports are that there are no trees anywhere on the island, due to them all being cut down for use in temples, manufacture of idols, and other religious uses. while food is grown on the island, its sale is controlled by thugs who set the prices. there is no true economy on the island. 2060- the G50 delgation investigated the island, only to find that the population has dwindled from many million to a few hundred thousand. the populace also is difficult to communicate with, since they only speak the in context of mysticism and superstition. many do not even know that taiwan proper exists. it is the humble asking of this writer, at the behest of the new republic of taiwan, that the G50 nations offer assistance to them, but to also vote no on allowing the taike to return to our island. our country has made remarkable strides. crime has dropped to near zero. our air is among the cleanest in asia. christianity, scientific atheism, and logical agnostism flourish on our island. a large criminal element, of which most of taike island is a part of, would infiltrate our island if they were allowed to return. we feel as if the devil has been bound, and we are living in the millenium of prosperity. we ask that our island be allowed to continue on its path of improvement, and those of taike island be allowed to continue on the path which they chose for themselves.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

government media control: will taiwan become another south korea?

a recent report states that several prominant journalists in south korea are resigining, claiming government interference with the content of their reporting. one only has to look at korean pop music to know that the gov has it's hand in it: ditzy, cheap dance routines of 5 or more boys/girls with very shallow childish melody and instrumentation. one also only has to be in korea a short time to see that westerners aren't so welcome. the news routinely shows negative stories about foriegners, the type korean americans would scream out against if the tables were reversed. also the past decade has been one where korea has been nationalistcally claiming it invented everything that was once the domain of chinese culture. they have even claimed confucious as being korean. korea is an extreme nationalist state, wiht the government infiltrating every facet of korean life. it is beleived by some that sun yung moon( moonies cult) is actually a creation of the south korean CIA. will taiwan become like korea? it's already there, but less obvious. look at the total monopoly that bubblegum pop has in this country. look at the shallow reporting on TV.look at the near total infantilisation of the populace. look at the negative images of foreigners being thrown in our faces ad infinitum. look at the racial slurs being said on national TV and in advertising. ask the average taiwanese how "great" his country is. ask them who ran the japanese off, and they'll say chiang kai shek (the japanese had left WAY before he got here). this is what "truth about taiwan" has been warning of all along. it's what I saw pretty much the day i got here. taiwan people, you are in the matrix. wake up!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

right wing stalking in taiwan

taiwan went thru a huge transformation politically in the past 20 years with the abolishment of the monopoly that the KMT had on elections. though i find neither party to be to my tastes, at least there is a two, and some would argue three, party system in place. however, the remnants of the old system, aka the security apparatus of the KMT, are still around. and my guess is, it's run by hardline to medium hardline oldtimers connected to at least as far back as the chiang jing gouh administration. this security apparatus includes the bureau of cultural affairs,which dictates guidelines for how they want culture to go, ie., government approved infantilism to make the masses easy please/ easy manage. i divide this security apparatus into cultural and police activities. the cultural part includes, as stated above, the cultural affairs office and the news media, which recieve their marching orders from the culture office. the police activities include "watchers"-people who are paid to do nothing more than watch and listen to what's going on around the neighborhood. if you're a foriegner, you ARE or at least have been watched at one time or another. every large police station has a cop whose job it is to watch foreigners. that's all he does. you can be sure that your name/picture is in his database. watching you may include wiretapping and other forms of electronic survelliance. what's wierd is, the really fucked up foriegners get off scot free. that's because they fit the image of "foriegner" that taiwan wants its people to see so they can feel superior to them, or to create a kind of foreigner envy. then there are some foreigners who keep getting the shitty end of the stick. their job gets taken away suddenly,friends they once had suddenly act as if they've heard a bad rumor, and the phone at home has strange clicks. a friend of mine recently lost his job. he was told suddenly that his teaching contract will not be renewed. and i wonder if it has to do with me. hope not. a lot of survelliance that you see is just for that- so they can show you they're watching you. it's a form of intimidation to make you stand down. well, here at truth about taiwan, we're standing up. we want to see the dismantling of this wicked system once and for all.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

what the wang jien ming affair says about taiwan women

sorry this late.better late than never. so wang jien ming had an affair. well, la di da. just like tiger woods likes to fuck. why does this shit even make the news? according to the official press release,wang broke it off with the girl, she threatened to go public. wang felt guilty about the affair and decided to come clean. my version is, wang went public to avoid this bitch breaking the news herself. whatever. it says a lot about taiwan women in general, for one, the whole "you used me" mentality. there are even taiwan women who will cry rape if they feel they've been used, even though the sex was consenual. wang is lucky he didn't get hauled off to jail on such charges. wang's wife's reaction says a lot about taiwan women too, ie, their willingness to turn a blind eye to infidelity to save face and family. that's respectable, and probably the best way around for everyone involved. american women are too ready to divorce. taiwan women tend to try to keep the family together. are taiwan women clingy, desperate bitches who get their claws into you and won't let go?many are. but the flip side of that is, once they marry, they tend to hang onto the family unit. and that's a good thing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

taiwan's little music "club"

this happens to me EVERYTIME i am asked to do a show. someone goes to a previous show i did and asks me if i can come to their venue to play. there are 4 other bands appearing, but they say since i'm a solo act i should go on first. i agree, because a solo act warms up the stage for the bands that follow. you wouldn't put a singer/songwriter with an acoutic AFTER a heavy metal band, now would you? you let the solo act open, then put the more exciting bands on. but soon after the soundcheck, i am informed that i will be on last. and that's even if my name is first on the poster. then i end up playing as the people are leaving. i discoverd a phenomenon thru this though: all of the people leaving were friends of the bands who played before me. since i have few friends in the crowd, i end up playing to the 3 people who came to see me. but by that time,my energy is pretty much gone. the bands that came before extend their sets to include more songs, plus i get references to my ethnicity made when i am introduced. the introduction pretty much isn't an introduction, but a dismissal of my abilities. i do the show, but with nowhere near the feeling i would have. is this planned? or is this just the way taiwanese act when they feel threatened? i beleive both. if i sucked, i wouldn't be asked to do a show. but the politics involved in that show, i.e., the bands and those loyal to them, make sure that i don't get a fair chance. i even remember one karaoke contest back in the US in chinatown, the guy was moving the song pitch up and down while i was singing. my friend told me they weren't going to let me win, but i had kept coming back each week. this was their way of letting me know. what about other foriegners who don't get this treatement? i don't know. it seems taiwanese know which foriegners they like and which ones they don''s weird, cause i'm friendly to everybody. sort of a metaphysical hatred they have for me. but i think it has something to do with my chinese ability. i've seen foriegners working at a chinese restaurant who couldn't speak chinese at all,and the boss treated them like gold. but me... they forced me to work overtime, belittled all my work, and expected me to know everything like a chinese person. do chinese people intrinsically hate me? i wonder sometimes.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

taiwan's errie "same star,different channel" phenomenon

this has happened too many times to count, and i don't think it's an accident. you're watching channel A, and mark wahlberg is on. then you switch down to channel D, and he's on that channel in another movie.
i've seen this with too many stars: stallone, arnold, cage, you name it. the guy is on 2 channels in a different movie.
what gives? i suspect either one company has an insider on what the other is going to broadcast and, true to the copycat mentality here, tries to match it by putting the same star on their channel, albeit,in a different story.
or, it could be(having a tinfoil hat moment here, bear with me) something more sinister, like....taiwan government psy-ops, for what purpose i don't know. or it could be a way for AIT/CIA to put part of one coded message into one movie, then complete it in the other.
i also suspect the appearance of yacht racing results in the Taipei Times newspaper. to me, yacht racing is an upper east coast white activity, of which the CIA is dominantly made up of. these reports could be a way for AIT/CIA to post messages to operatives around taiwan, yacht racing being a keyword/beacon/catch-phrase for them to focus on. i have no idea actually, but the whole thing seems errie, cause who gives a fuck about yacht racing?
anyway, it's just another one of those weird things here that makes you go "hmmm...."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

US beef is still better than taiwan pork, trust me

US beef? oh oh, big problem! pollution, cheap white rice, fake cheese, fake whole wheat bread,oily night market food, unclean tables, stress, overcrowding, dog shit on the road? oh oh, no problem.
taiwan is seriously blind!
i ate US beef for 30 years before moving here. i had few to no health problems. even when i lived in taipei, i was ok. after moving to xxx part of taiwan, i now suffer greatly.
the general uncleanliness, pollution, and diet down here is, i think, the number one reason. this place is a food desert, thanks to there being more restaurants than actual cooks.not everyone who opens a shop actually knows what he's doing. i've actually been unable to finish some food from these oily buffets, which are NOTHING like their taipei counterparts.
the main issue with this US beef thing is the pork farmers here are worried that the US will now import pork too.
well la-di-da! i WELCOME US pork over your slop fed, transported in UN-AIR CONDITIONED back of a pick up truck trychonosis inducing pig flesh ANYDAY!
i hope taiwan people get to enjoy some really GOOD beef for once in their lives, as well as some fine pork, real cheese, and all the things they work so hard for, but never get thanks to the greed of farmers and food producers here. down with all of them.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

if some people could talk....

disclaimer: the following article is my imagination of what the persons listed might say. i have a right to my imagination. this is a work of fiction.

i thought it would be fun to line up some of the irritating people in taiwan like they're barbie dolls (yes i am psychotic) and have them say shit that i've always wanted them to say. just for fun. oh, the truths they might tell....

S.H.E.- hi. we're taiwan government approved "artists", singing government approved songs with government approved lyrics in order to create government approved thinking in taiwan people so they are easy to control. please follow us mindlessly, and be sure to wave light sticks at concerts like you're part of a cult. thank you for your support.

girly male pop star- hi. i'm a girly guy taiwan star. my purpose is to create an unattainable standard in taiwan women's minds so that all guys here are forced into this soft, girly, doting mode. of course no real man can meet this standard, so TW women will become lesbians, thereby satsifying the agenda of state femenists in the bureau of news and cultural affairs. i also am the least talented MFer in taiwan. yet i continue to receive millions in budget, while indie artists receive none!

Sanrio All Stars- hi.we're the sanrio all-stars. we were created by a japanese company to provide a safe form of adolescent male sexual fixation while at the same time satifying the pedophilic needs of older men, as well well as helping girls to be sexual duds by dressing and acting half their age and living in a fantasy of percieved innocence. there are 8 of us, which ensures that you will like at least one of us and therfore buy our products. we hope that all asian women will become useless,infantile hello kittys who don't know what their VJ is for

average taiwan girl- hi, i'm a typical taiwan girl. i have a sky high unrealistic standard,because my VJ is made of gold (my daddy says so). i like men who listen to me, even when i utter totally stupid shit, and also gives me time to be with my girlfriends who are also totally stupid. i am 27 but dress like i'm 17, and talk like i'm on helium. even if i'm fat, i think all men are chasing me, but no man is good enough for me even though i weigh 100kgs (my daddy says so). i pick bimbo names like candy and summer, read comics and ridiculous romance novels, and basically am a dippiness is only matched by my breeder mentality. yes, sex is just for creating a son for my perfect boyfriend when we get married.

little S- i'm an over priviledged rich girl who gets more airtime than i'm worth. i love emascualting half the male population by bragging about how many babies i want to have with my hubbie. i have too many commericals on TV, and basically contribute to the dismal shallowness of the entertainment industry here.

wu dzong shien- i'm a taike. i tell stupid tasteless jokes on TV, and encourage others to be a taike. our culture (taike) is the greatest. other cultures produced radio, refrigeration, medical technology, etc. but our culture is still the greatest because we ride motorcycles with bad posture and spit betelnut. remember, the only thing that is important is to be a taike, and to hate foriegners.

fresh off the boat, condescending foriegner- i'm so happy to be here. everything about taiwan is wonderful, especially that fact that they let me be on TV as long as i say shallow things that reinforce their stereo type of western people. i also go along with whatever my bushiban boss says and teach english the way taiwan people like to be taught, aka the way that doesn't work. in fact, i can play around with these kids and make great money, so why rock the boat?

hmmm, all i can think of for now.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

jeremy lin is an american

the powers that be in the government/media complex are already using this fantastic young man for their own agenda. Linsanity is just insane now. to watch the taiwan press you'd think that Lin is a glorious example of all that taiwan, "das motherland", can produce.
but the exact opposite is true- Lin is an american, born and bred in the United States. he's had more hamburgers in him in a year than most taiwanese down in half a lifetime.look at his height. you don't get tall and muscular like that on a mostly rice, taiwan style diet. he's had protien, and lots of calicium. he's also no doubt played basketball with some real cats, not some Kobe wannabes in expensive Nikes.
jeremy lin is also a devout christian, and that plays a key balance in his life and is his reason for being humble , aka " it's not me it's God". compare that to the bragadocious average taiwanese star.
taiwan media, leave this young man alone! stop hyping him. he's great, but hopefully he'll never be the media whore that you made wang jien ming into.

Monday, February 13, 2012

the makiyo saga continues....

recent news has police witholding evidence from the prosecutor's office- evidence that would further indict Makiyo has not a mere bystander, but a willing participant in the assault on the taxi driver. question is, the witholding was at whose request?
my guess is the powers that be in the entertainment industry, both green (money) and black (underworld). there is also talk of a settlement, as well as stepping down the charges from aggravated assault to simple assault.
the taxi driver probably stands to make a lot of money in this settlement from my guess. makiyo is worth more working than in jail.
yes, makiyo may even come out on top (a fantasy of mine, sorry for the pun). just as chu mei fong became a famous singer for sucking cock on candid camera, makiyo's wild brutality may make her even more popular than before.
a sickening thought. personally, i'd rather see her go to jail and meet some big sisters who will put her thru her paces. i'd like to see her left to working pole dancer after she gets out of jail.
the thing that i hate most about taiwan entertainers is that the majority of them are ungrateful for the opportunities they've ben given. yes, everyone makes mistakes, but if you live a certain lifestyle, you're going to make some serious ones. i've heard of stars running their own casinos, hanging out at questionable pubs, etc and getting into some serious trouble as a result. these aren't mistakes. they are errors in lifestyle. and they are systemic of the taiwan entertainment industry's highwire dance between governement sponsored infantilism and mafia backed debachery.
anyway, i hope NOT to see a makiyo CD in the near future.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

makiyo is evil (along with most taiwan entertainers)

the more facts about this case that come out, the more i realize that makiyo is probably lying. what she and her friends did that night was evil.
its also systemic, because the taiwan entertainment industry is full of people just like her.
there are basically 3 ways to get famous in taiwan:

1. relation
2. relation
3. fucking

taiwan has the most nepotistic entertainment industry on the planet. a large majority of performers, especially those "ABC come to Taiwan" types, are only on your TV because some relation in the industry boosted their popularity beyond their actual talent. one very famous young ABC guy told me in these exact words, that he was only famous because his agent promised his mom to make him famous.
then there is the dark side of this, ie those boosted to popularity via sleeping their way to the top. i have no idea if makiyo has played this game and don't really care, because she wouldn't be the only one.
i for one am glad to see her exposed, as well as the whole wicked lot of them. i'm tired of her, and also "Little S and Big S" and their overpriviledged pussies being on TV all the time. i'm particulary tired that everytime Little S opens her legs for her husband to make another baby it's big news.
damn the whole wicked lot of them. and good riddance, Miss "HiChew".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

chinese new year is a selfish holiday

is chinese culture all about money? seems so. look at how we say happy new year (gong shi fa tchai). the word "happy" isn't even in there, but "prosperity" (fa tchai) is. maybe because to the chinese, the only happiness is money.
look at the new year's trips to the temples to pray to the money god (and look at how they drive getting there.. yes they'd sooner kill YOU than be a minute late). look at how chinese people spend the holiday (playing majong with relatives- for money, against their own kin)!
look at the requirements to give money, from their own relatives!
this year i made a decision: i REFUSE to say "gong shi fa tchai" TO ANYONE. instead i say "shin nian yu kwai" or just "happy new year" in english. because happiness- true,deep down happiness- is one thing the chinese people really lack.
happy new year to you. may you be rich in wonderful experiences,in new friends, and in love shared.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

the truth (as i see it) about forumosa, tealit, etc

are taiwan chat sites honeypots?
it would seem so. i have reports of being stalked by female police looking to entrap foriegners. but is the strangest of all. it seems that site's main purpose is to STIFLE any criticism of taiwan. this is very strange for a site supposedly existing to HELP foriegners,and maybe give them a healthy vent for the frustrations they face living here day to day. forumosa also seems to be a cliche. i was so much as told this by one of the main people in charge of the site, ie " now that we know you,we give you a little leeway in what you say"... something to that effect.
forumosa and a few others have a BIG issue with any criticism pointed at taiwan. they will vehemently attack any poster who goes beyond the usual "taiwan is so great" etc standard line.
i theorize that forumosa is actually part of what i call "the AIT/taiwan cultural bureau complex", its purpose being to keep foriegn criticism in line. but that's just my theory.
another theory i have is that taiwan attracts very liberal westerners. these people think taiwan is paradise because at least it's not conservative, christian US,or wherever.
it's been years since i've posted on and i don't plan to again. i have better things to do with my time, this blog for one.