Sunday, April 7, 2013

were we prepped for jeremy lin? (and taiwan's hypocrisy,thrown in)

i will never be one to denegrate the talents or character of jeremey lin. anyone who can even get in the NBA is great. Charles Barkely said that even the guys who warm the bench like jeremy used to do are better than 99% of all the people who will ever pick up a basketball. jeremy was major unnoticed until that night when he was given the chance. and the rest is history. but something gives. thnking back to the movie "Ping Pong Playa", about a chinese guy in the US who just wants to play basketball. the whole movie runs like a chinese culturalist propaganda flick, much like "push hands" which i beleive was sponsored by the taiwan fact i'm pretty sure it is, being a "gouh pien", ie "national movie" which taiwan has been subsidizing for several years now. my question is (not an accusation): were we prepped for jeremy lin? was the movie Ping Pong Playa, unbeknown even to Jeremey Lin, a chinese culturalist psy-ops to prepare us for his entrance? taiwan's joy over Lin is understandable, even though he is technically an AMERICAN. but would taiwan allow, say, a white musician here to achieve the same as jeremey lin has done in the US? no, they would not. they would block him, shun him, cut him off from any opportunity.the taiwan record industry would not ever consider that a less than 50% chinese blood might be their jeremy lin and score 20 points for them in one game. self promoting? whatever. if i don't nobody will.