Thursday, August 12, 2010

chinese culture is satanic

"....yeah, satan... he started his own religion"
attributed to singer don henley (origin unknown)

yes, some things can be accounted as cultural differences, but the fact that SO MANY things in chinese culture are the EXACT OPPOSITE of christianity is pretty startling. i am pretty convinced that chinese culture is the devil's own thing:

christianity- dragon is a symbol of satan
chinese culture- dragon is good

christianity- 666 is the number of the devil
chinese culture- 666 is a lucky number

*the 5 elements in chinese cosmology are in the shape of a pentagram. they are also the same 5 elements in western witchcraft.

*feng shui teaches the arrangement of objects to invoke good energy. in witchcraft, objects must be arranged in a set pattern to invoke a spirit

christianity- God has a will, we must accept the final answer
chinese culture- we can do things to change the future (fortune telling, spirit mediums, feng shui, "yang shiao gwei" and other forms of witchcraft)

christianity- the love of money is the root of not love money.
chinese culture- love money. pray to gods with the primary purpose of getting money

christianity- there is only one God. we are to serve Him
chinese culture- i am a god. the temple deities serve me and my whims.

christianity- honor your father and mother but do not worship them
chinese culture- worship your father and mother as gods when they die

christianity- my body was given to me by God. it is His temple
chinese culture- my body comes from my parents.i should use it for them, even prostitute myself by marrying for a greencard.

christianity- think for yourself, make your own decision
chinese culture- follow others blindly

christianity- love your neighbor as yourself
chinese culture- love the self.

christianity- be honest in all your dealings
chinese culture- it's ok to cheat in business. all is fair

christianity- forgive your enemies,pray for those that despitefully use you
chinese culture- retribution. face is everything

christianity- consider your own sins, think about what you do to others
chinese culture- i can wrong you, but don't dare wrong me and my face

christianity- ritual is not important. the heart is
chinese culture- the heart is not important , just do the ritual

christianity- it is more blessed to give than to recieve
chinese culture- take all you can

christianity- people are handicapped thru no fault of their own
chinese culture- it's their karma.they did something in thier past life

christianity- God created the earth in 7 days and said each one was good
chinese culture- some days are evil. some days are lucky.

christianity- walk by faith. trust God for what we don't know
chinese culture- try to find out the future. eveything depends on me and luck

christianity- God loves us
chinese culture- the gods are angry. they need constant feeding or bad things will happen