Friday, November 27, 2015

taiwan women are bitches from hell

Granted, NAWALT (not all women are like that), or more specically, not all taiwanese women are like that, but enough of them are to warrant at least an article or two. about 20 years ago, you could find a good taiwan girl. it wasn't hard for foriegners to hook up because taiwan women felt we had an advantage over taiwan men in that we treated them more equally (in their worldview). and taiwan girls weren't that picky. i saw many types of guys with really nice looking girls. and the girls were well behaved, not like today. the past 5 years have produced a mega change in taiwan women. this change has directly coincided (actually was caused by) the advent of smart phone technology and social media. here's a few things you may have noticed: 1. taiwan women are picky beyond their "guy range". i hate to classify women or anyone based on the "10 scale", but it's useful for our discussion. let's say a girl is average, a 5, or maybe a little above so, a 6 (by the way average in taiwan looks quite beautiful. i'd say 8 out of 10 taiwan women are ok for my tastes). used to be a 6 was pretty happy to find an average guy. no more! they all want the same thing: 180 cm, korean model looks, non threatening androgonous features, and a soft, marshmallow voice. even fat girls think they can get one of these guys, and are willing to pass on all men til dream boy comes along. even worse, there are even 40 somethings with fading beauty who think they can land one. they are willing to let the milk sour in the udder and the peach rot on the vine before they'll settle for last chance with mr. average. so even MILFing is out. you can't even land a decent 40s never married or divorcee. 2. taiwan women all want the same thing, particulary in the "tall" department. i had a guy in my class who was around 158cm tall. a girl joined who was around 150cm in high heels. i thought she'd be perfect for him. damned if i walked outside the school one night and she was being picked up by a guy 189cm tall!!what is she going to do with fucking 40cm difference??? but ALL taiwan women, no matter how short, "must" have mr. 180cm. funny thing is, nobody ever discusses who the short guys are going to marry, nor who the tall girls are supposed to be with. 3. taiwan women are constantly on their cellphones. this is a worldwide phenomenon now, but taiwan women were already hard to approach in some situations. now, EVERYTHING must be filtered thru their little touch screen. oh sure, you can get on her line or FB, but that is the ultimate friend zone (it is called a "friends list", right). and their you shall stay as part of her "like harem". she has absolutely ZERO reason to move any farther with you. why should she? you're just some foriegner who is supposed to be hitting like for her pics like all the other guys. 4. they're gold diggers. yes, a while back this wasn't true. but nowdays, they have it figured out: enter a high paying major like engineering or medicine. meet "mr. right" in the same major or work in that field at entry level until you can snag mr. meal ticket, get married, get pregnant, then quit your job and make essentially the salary of that job without having to do the work!! some of these bitches move to cities with lots of these jobs and work any low level office position in town until they can meet a first class geek with a huge salary. 5.they're lesbians. yeah, not all of them, but enough of them are/were. go to any college campus and you'll see lots of T girls running around with a girl who could be interested in your younger brother, only she's too busy getting her pussy done by a girl. of course, it doesn't last forever, but a LOT of guys used to meet their wife during college years. no more. and the new androgonous male that the media is selling makes it all the more confusing what taiwan women actually want. as far as i can see, taiwan women like their boys girly and their girls manly. 6.they have princess syndrome. this is the main reason why they don't have to settle for foriegners anymore, because taiwan men are pretty much falling in line with the pussy worship agenda of state femenists. and taiwan guys can do it a LOT better than you can, because they grew up with them. anyway,maybe that's you're gain. these bitches will make your life hell trying to please them. and that's BEFORE marriage. after marriage, fuck you. you're a POW in a cage without even the fucking red cross to come visit you. 7. they're flaky to the core. from making a date then showing up with a friend or friends, to pushing back the boundaries to friend status after the tow of you have already been holding hands and kissing, to just not showing up, taiwan women are a waste of your time and emotional energy. nothing they say or hint at means anything. nothing means nothing. so what are you to do if you're a foriegn guy? your options are limited to massage parlors, i guess. i love my wife, but after many years, i really can't recommend marrying one of these girls, especially the ones entering their mid 20s nowdays. even the ones in their late 30s and mid 40s beleive in their own worth far beyond what a normal person should. like a friend of mine always says, you've gotta learn to be happy alone.

Monday, November 16, 2015

the real reason for korean dramas in taiwan

hey guys, i'm back. sorry to go on hiatus for so long, but i had some really important stuff going on making a living, etc. long story, but anyway, glad to be back and hope i haven't lost any of you.i don't really feel a huge burst of inspiration today, so bear with me until i get in the swing again. i'll be back to my usual self in no time.^^ korean dramas were getting huge in taiwan during my time off. hopefully we're on the tail end of it, but the damage has pretty much been done. let me explain: taiwan is in the depths of a state feminist regime. a famous NTU professor wrote a paper on how they (state feminists) are essentially trying to make all forms of sex "illegal" ie, stigmatized to the point were you CAN get arrested, particularly male to female sexual advances and/or actual intercourse. this force of feminist despots within the various branches of the taiwan government, particulary the ministry of cultural affairs (which has now been conveniently joined with the ministry of news) has been trying for a long time to "re-form" the taiwan man into a safe, less threating version of his former self. TV ads where the boy offers to buy menstrual pads, and the ever femenised/gender bender types on TV dramas have been the main tool. taiwan was also in a sort of "western worship" condition where women wanted to marry westerners for whatever reason. relations with korea weren't that great following the olympic fiasco either. here i offer 4 main reasons for the introduction of korean TV into taiwan: 1. teach taiwan women to love the new,non threatening, and most importantly female pleasing androgynous male types presented on korean TV, and vice versa, encourage taiwan boys to cop this look/mannerism or be left out. 2. teach taiwan women to turn their sexual interests back homeward, using korean TV types as a fixation until taiwan boys catch up to the style presented. in this these leftist femenist are apeasing right wing despots within the taiwan establishment (males) who don't mind making it easy for vietnamese, chinese, and indonesian women to get citizenship and stay here, but have put laws in place which kick western males out even if they have a family. these right wing bigots wanted to stop taiwan from marrying westerners, pure and simple. 3. provide a platform for korean products, particularly cellphones, to be presented to the taiwanese buying public. this has been commented on in several places on the net. 4. indulge princess syndrome to make taiwanese men fall in line with the "let's make men the slaves of women" agenda of state femenists. taiwan has a big problem in that they don't know what they are accepting when they allow western sicknesses like rampant feminism into their political discourse. these despots will not stop until the taiwanese family is destroyed, or what remains is a fragmented, female run unit where males live in fear. taiwan guys, time to stand up to this bullshit.