Thursday, December 27, 2012

a new year,and more truth coming!

another year has gone by at truth about taiwan, and we're ready to take on the new one! I'll be back with even harder hitting articles, asking the questions that need to be asked. the truth about taiwan has been here for 3 years,gaining followers, without much in the way of internet savvy. i beleive it's because the truth, or at least an honest attempt at it, is what people really want. if you tell the truth, or at least your honest opinion of it, people will come. i thank you all for your loyal readership of this site. We're here to make the good guys smile and the bad guys tremble, and to expose the agendas that are trying to define what all of us,foriegner and local,should be. Happy New Year!!


  1. How you been Lin? How's your New Year?

    Guess what, I just found a way you can communicate with me through email. Just use I rarely use that emails, so spammer will leave my main email alone. I know your blog will attract many butthurt Taiwanese.

  2. Hey Lin, I love your blog. Keep it up!! :)

  3. thanks for coming by. hope this year will be a good one for you. truth about taiwan has some new things coming.

  4. time will tell,
    i will contact you soon. after the holidays. happy chinese new year.