Sunday, July 1, 2012

right wing stalking in taiwan

taiwan went thru a huge transformation politically in the past 20 years with the abolishment of the monopoly that the KMT had on elections. though i find neither party to be to my tastes, at least there is a two, and some would argue three, party system in place. however, the remnants of the old system, aka the security apparatus of the KMT, are still around. and my guess is, it's run by hardline to medium hardline oldtimers connected to at least as far back as the chiang jing gouh administration. this security apparatus includes the bureau of cultural affairs,which dictates guidelines for how they want culture to go, ie., government approved infantilism to make the masses easy please/ easy manage. i divide this security apparatus into cultural and police activities. the cultural part includes, as stated above, the cultural affairs office and the news media, which recieve their marching orders from the culture office. the police activities include "watchers"-people who are paid to do nothing more than watch and listen to what's going on around the neighborhood. if you're a foriegner, you ARE or at least have been watched at one time or another. every large police station has a cop whose job it is to watch foreigners. that's all he does. you can be sure that your name/picture is in his database. watching you may include wiretapping and other forms of electronic survelliance. what's wierd is, the really fucked up foriegners get off scot free. that's because they fit the image of "foriegner" that taiwan wants its people to see so they can feel superior to them, or to create a kind of foreigner envy. then there are some foreigners who keep getting the shitty end of the stick. their job gets taken away suddenly,friends they once had suddenly act as if they've heard a bad rumor, and the phone at home has strange clicks. a friend of mine recently lost his job. he was told suddenly that his teaching contract will not be renewed. and i wonder if it has to do with me. hope not. a lot of survelliance that you see is just for that- so they can show you they're watching you. it's a form of intimidation to make you stand down. well, here at truth about taiwan, we're standing up. we want to see the dismantling of this wicked system once and for all.


  1. Hi, new to your blog, LOVE it. I spent my childhood here and have been returning to visit the folks...I hope you keep on truckin and don't let anyone tell you any different. I've had some lousy days here (the heat/humidity doesn't help), and your stuff put a smile on my face...Fk anyone that can't take some honest observations.

  2. thanks so much. i hope truth about taiwan can be a resource for anybody wanting to dig a little deeper behind the facade of cutesy talk show hosts and bubblegum pop. there is an undercurrent here, driven by government money in the entertainment industry, much like is being done in on that coming up.
    thanks for coming by.