Thursday, January 5, 2012

the truth (as i see it) about forumosa, tealit, etc

are taiwan chat sites honeypots?
it would seem so. i have reports of being stalked by female police looking to entrap foriegners. but is the strangest of all. it seems that site's main purpose is to STIFLE any criticism of taiwan. this is very strange for a site supposedly existing to HELP foriegners,and maybe give them a healthy vent for the frustrations they face living here day to day. forumosa also seems to be a cliche. i was so much as told this by one of the main people in charge of the site, ie " now that we know you,we give you a little leeway in what you say"... something to that effect.
forumosa and a few others have a BIG issue with any criticism pointed at taiwan. they will vehemently attack any poster who goes beyond the usual "taiwan is so great" etc standard line.
i theorize that forumosa is actually part of what i call "the AIT/taiwan cultural bureau complex", its purpose being to keep foriegn criticism in line. but that's just my theory.
another theory i have is that taiwan attracts very liberal westerners. these people think taiwan is paradise because at least it's not conservative, christian US,or wherever.
it's been years since i've posted on and i don't plan to again. i have better things to do with my time, this blog for one.


  1. In my opinion, it's more accurate to say that sites like Forumosa include many people who are very liberal westerners and many people who are sensitive about criticism of Taiwan. I also believe there people are people who post on Forumosa who have other political preferences, and you can see this for yourself in the International Politics forum.

    I don't buy your theory of an AIT-Taiwan Cultural Bureau Complex because AIT has no motivation or stated objective to be involved with Taiwan Culture in ANY context. To what purpose does such a paradigm serve? To promote Taiwan culture? AIT!?

    Also, that AIT would be involved with websites like Tealit or Forumosa is equally laughable.

    Maybe it's high time you go back to Forumosa so you have at least some idea of what it is like today. Forumosa is far from perfect - but it's made up of the people who use it. If you don't like the way people post, then set an example and raise the bar, instead of quietly grumbling about it in your little corner of the web.

  2. i tried to raise the bar when i was there, you you guys wouldn't let me. hence this site.
    and i beleive AIT does have a stake in promoting taiwan culture. let me ask you: do you REALLY beleive taiwan is separate from the US?
    the US is actively involved in keeping up the ruse of " taiwan is a separate country" so they can continue this stupid left over cold war shit into the 21st century by selling arms to an island which they NEVER GAVE UP in WWII.
    they do this in various ways, one of which is making sure that the only foriegn voice is the standard issue, taiwan is so great, line.
    and i'm not grumbling in my own little corner of the net. i have a READERSHIP! check my subscribers. and there are many more out there.
    thanks for coming by.

  3. this a free world, and on my site,i say whatever the fuck i want. the censorship STOPS at

  4. also why would a WESTERNER, the bane of the taiwanese racist psyche, be sensitive about criticism of a country that DOES NOT LIKE HIM?? this is either the ultimate psychosis or an agenda.

  5. My problem with Forumosa is that it's next to impossible to join. You get a very snotty email essentially telling you to write an essay on why you should be allowed to join, and then when your essay doesn't come up to snuff, silence.

  6. i didn't know about that one. they are pretty snooty as far as my experience.

  7. So what's your impression of, then? I'm proud of where forumosa was when I left it in August of last year, but I'm even more optimistic about where is going. I'd be interested to know your thoughts and suggestions, if any.

    Anthony van Dyck

  8. dude, i'm not selling anything on this site, but this site!

  9. and why would you need more than one site? i have one site, i say whatever the fuck i like, on ONE site. from what i can see, that site you just sneak advertised on my one site, is a repeat of forumosa.cum.
    you're a nice guy, i've met you. so i tell you how to make your site better:
    NO DISCUSSION KILLING FLAMING! let people say whatever the fuck they want to, especially about locals, because it's probably true. no taiwan apologizers and liberals telling people what they can say about their precious little paradise.
    just get onto people will they INSULT or THREATEN other posters. when they attack posters for saying their mind.
    do that, and i'll be pretty impressed.
    wish you well.

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  11. Forumosa does not require an essay to join. You will be considered a NeRF (newly registered forumosan) for your first 20 posts, which means you can't start a new topic or have a signature line until you have a small track record. This is an anti-spamming tool we use as we are the largest English language website (next to in Taiwan and thus, a target for spammers.

    We also do a weekly happy hour at Mayan XinYi, so why not come out and get to know the fine people that populate our community IRL. More info here:

    Hope to meet you all soon.

    Stewart Glen
    Sales Manager

  12. I've been meaning to try Mayan out. I'm only a few mins away. I've seen a few pics of their dishes on and they looked really delicious. I just love it in Taiwan. So many enjoyable things to do. Yeah, I've had some Ding Tai Feng and Ice Monster today - pretty awesome. Wandered round, got a bit lossed and ended visiting a temple, I find the combination of Buddhism and Taoism quite interesting. It is a bit hot at the moment now though. Just sharing some random thoughts.

  13. I also dislike forumosa forum. The only purpose they get together is to criticize. I tried to explain in detail of the questions they asked (believe me they even asked me why Taiwan doesn't allow everybody to have their own well.)

    Funny thing is ... if they don't like Taiwan, why do they even stay here? Instead of stay and piss everyone else, why not just pack up and leave?

    The final conclusion I derived is they have to complain to make them feel they are better. The fact is.. they are just not at the winning side. Sorry for them, but they are certainly not the type of people I want to hang out with.