Friday, December 9, 2011

planning meet up in taipei

do i dare show my face in taipei? you bet! i owe this to all of you who have been so faithful in reading The Truth About Taiwan for all this time. i would like to meet as many of you as i can, get know you, and share some coffee, tea, whatever at one of the larger coffee shops in taipei.
give me a couple of months to get things together. i just got back from the US, and am looking for a new job.
let's make this happen. looking forward to meeting all of you.


  1. Hey man, I would really like to meet you for a beer or cup of coffee.
    And as you can already guess I am not a Taiwanese but my "better half" is.
    We are kinda in the same boat. :-)

    Mr. European

  2. thanks dude. coffee would be great. i'm going to make this meet up happen!

  3. Great. Here is my email;

    Just let me know few days in advance time and place of the meet up and I will certainly attend.

    Best regards