Saturday, November 5, 2011

the value of boys in taiwan culture

everytime i go shopping, i see a family of four, with an older sister and a younger brother. it's almost always the girl who is older. then i feel sad for the girl, cause i know she was "just practice". in other words, they were shooting for a boy the first time around and didn't get it, so they tried again til they got what they really wanted: junior.
of course, these families "love" their daughters, but they prefer their sons. the main reason for this insanity is because only a son can carry the ashes at the parents' funeral. so here we see again chinese culture rearing its ugly true face, that of utter selfishness.
taiwan men also value machismo over all else. if you've ever tried to reason with a truck driver who almost ran you over , ie " what did you say foriegner,&%**#&%", you know what i mean. this machismo permeates their religion in the form of militant Daoism and male preference.
a lot of taiwan men think the most important thing is to be born with a pack of incense in one hand and a dick in the other.
and the girls? oh, they're here to look at and dance naked for the dieties. or they're here to bear a son. and if they don't bear one, well.. try and try again. custom demands it.
culture is a bullshit excuse for being pig headed, isn't it?

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  1. Chinese has always been a patriarchy society, and this probably been going on for 5 thousand years, you can't really blame them for wishing a boy child who named after his father hence the retaining influence power of the family, and Chinese know that under the surface the world is running by big families, elite groups make sure the bonds hold tight by designing marriage for family members, it's all connected. It may sound ridiculous but before people got to know the benefits of modern constitutional system, it's really the case for people gorverned under imperialism. And democracy has a long way to go here. Talk to any young man now they'd despise those ideas too , Taiwan haven't got far away from the last implementation of martial law and have news freedom for only 30 yrs or so, older generation are not the same species to the younger ones, this junior civilization still has much to learn.