Saturday, February 18, 2012

jeremy lin is an american

the powers that be in the government/media complex are already using this fantastic young man for their own agenda. Linsanity is just insane now. to watch the taiwan press you'd think that Lin is a glorious example of all that taiwan, "das motherland", can produce.
but the exact opposite is true- Lin is an american, born and bred in the United States. he's had more hamburgers in him in a year than most taiwanese down in half a lifetime.look at his height. you don't get tall and muscular like that on a mostly rice, taiwan style diet. he's had protien, and lots of calicium. he's also no doubt played basketball with some real cats, not some Kobe wannabes in expensive Nikes.
jeremy lin is also a devout christian, and that plays a key balance in his life and is his reason for being humble , aka " it's not me it's God". compare that to the bragadocious average taiwanese star.
taiwan media, leave this young man alone! stop hyping him. he's great, but hopefully he'll never be the media whore that you made wang jien ming into.


  1. As a Taiwanese, I am happy he is also Taiwanese and representing a good image (a stretch, he never asked to be a representative of Taiwanse people).

    As a Christian, I am ecstatic that he is representing Christians, like Tebow, in the proper way -- and not like some "prosperity preachers" have done (or as some Catholic priests have done).

    To me, it is clear he values his faith more than his "ethnicity" or perceived-by-the-media culture.

    But the media is evil. The vilify Tebow but try to inflate Lin. None of them asked for that attention. They just want to play their game and be as good as they can. Let them boys play!

  2. i pray jeremy lin never finds any stumbling blocks in his life. he's a really inspiring person. thanks for coming by.