Monday, February 13, 2012

the makiyo saga continues....

recent news has police witholding evidence from the prosecutor's office- evidence that would further indict Makiyo has not a mere bystander, but a willing participant in the assault on the taxi driver. question is, the witholding was at whose request?
my guess is the powers that be in the entertainment industry, both green (money) and black (underworld). there is also talk of a settlement, as well as stepping down the charges from aggravated assault to simple assault.
the taxi driver probably stands to make a lot of money in this settlement from my guess. makiyo is worth more working than in jail.
yes, makiyo may even come out on top (a fantasy of mine, sorry for the pun). just as chu mei fong became a famous singer for sucking cock on candid camera, makiyo's wild brutality may make her even more popular than before.
a sickening thought. personally, i'd rather see her go to jail and meet some big sisters who will put her thru her paces. i'd like to see her left to working pole dancer after she gets out of jail.
the thing that i hate most about taiwan entertainers is that the majority of them are ungrateful for the opportunities they've ben given. yes, everyone makes mistakes, but if you live a certain lifestyle, you're going to make some serious ones. i've heard of stars running their own casinos, hanging out at questionable pubs, etc and getting into some serious trouble as a result. these aren't mistakes. they are errors in lifestyle. and they are systemic of the taiwan entertainment industry's highwire dance between governement sponsored infantilism and mafia backed debachery.
anyway, i hope NOT to see a makiyo CD in the near future.

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