Wednesday, February 8, 2012

makiyo is evil (along with most taiwan entertainers)

the more facts about this case that come out, the more i realize that makiyo is probably lying. what she and her friends did that night was evil.
its also systemic, because the taiwan entertainment industry is full of people just like her.
there are basically 3 ways to get famous in taiwan:

1. relation
2. relation
3. fucking

taiwan has the most nepotistic entertainment industry on the planet. a large majority of performers, especially those "ABC come to Taiwan" types, are only on your TV because some relation in the industry boosted their popularity beyond their actual talent. one very famous young ABC guy told me in these exact words, that he was only famous because his agent promised his mom to make him famous.
then there is the dark side of this, ie those boosted to popularity via sleeping their way to the top. i have no idea if makiyo has played this game and don't really care, because she wouldn't be the only one.
i for one am glad to see her exposed, as well as the whole wicked lot of them. i'm tired of her, and also "Little S and Big S" and their overpriviledged pussies being on TV all the time. i'm particulary tired that everytime Little S opens her legs for her husband to make another baby it's big news.
damn the whole wicked lot of them. and good riddance, Miss "HiChew".


  1. Interesting post and shows a different perspective view that most people don't know about the entertainment of their own country. I'm sure you've had enough evidence to claim that. However, bi-est so therefore, unreliable. And without any evidence along with more or your personal comments "and good riddance, Miss "HiChew" This post remains as factless and full of opinions.

  2. the purpose of this article, in fact this blog, is to say what i think. and as far as facts, everybody knows what i said is true. taiwan "artists" are crap and people are getting tired of them. taiwan is waking up.
    thanks for coming by.