Saturday, March 10, 2012

US beef is still better than taiwan pork, trust me

US beef? oh oh, big problem! pollution, cheap white rice, fake cheese, fake whole wheat bread,oily night market food, unclean tables, stress, overcrowding, dog shit on the road? oh oh, no problem.
taiwan is seriously blind!
i ate US beef for 30 years before moving here. i had few to no health problems. even when i lived in taipei, i was ok. after moving to xxx part of taiwan, i now suffer greatly.
the general uncleanliness, pollution, and diet down here is, i think, the number one reason. this place is a food desert, thanks to there being more restaurants than actual cooks.not everyone who opens a shop actually knows what he's doing. i've actually been unable to finish some food from these oily buffets, which are NOTHING like their taipei counterparts.
the main issue with this US beef thing is the pork farmers here are worried that the US will now import pork too.
well la-di-da! i WELCOME US pork over your slop fed, transported in UN-AIR CONDITIONED back of a pick up truck trychonosis inducing pig flesh ANYDAY!
i hope taiwan people get to enjoy some really GOOD beef for once in their lives, as well as some fine pork, real cheese, and all the things they work so hard for, but never get thanks to the greed of farmers and food producers here. down with all of them.


  1. HAHA, Your just not eating at the right lil joints down south!:)

    Yea some of them can be pretty nasty, you are sure right and alot of them can be down right rude in their service too if you or the people your with are not from that area.

    I kinda think of the south Taiwan like the south USA use to be. If your an outsider your not very welcome but if your family the could not treat you better.

    My wife is from Taipei and when I tell her I want to move south she says are you crazy, she knows nothing about south Taiwan you see and would be lost. But I lived 5 years there and when you know whats going on it can be very good.

    And you are absolutly right about one thing, never back down to any of them suckers, even the cops, look them right in the eye and let them know how you feel!