Thursday, February 14, 2013

the best way to meet girls in taiwan

"some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain", Rod Stewart an oldie, but true. if you're one of those foriegn (or local) guys who are in a rut, stuck in bad relationship,or getting dissed by the girls you meet, etc i'm going to tell you the BEST way to meet girls in taiwan. get on the train. that's right, doesn't matter where to, or even if you actually need to take the train, GET ON IT! taking train rides is the best way to meet chicks. how you ask? for one, you can walk up to a girl on the platform and ask her a question, ie., is this where we wait for the train to tai chung, is this train on time, etc. it doesn't matter if you don't really need to know something or not. BUST A MOVE. this is the ice breaker A LOT of girls have been waiting for. and don't let the conversaton end there. ask her if she can speak english. talk about the weather. don't let the conversation die. if she getting on the same train as you and she doesn't have a seat, pretend you don't either. stand with her all the way to her destination and chat her up!! if she's not getting on the same train as you, etc, make sure you exchange FB or better , give her your own, truly unique contact card! take a train trip every weekend. use the train every day of the week if you can. use the bus,too. meet as many girls as you can. the ones that diss you, ie., try to emasculate you, drop them like the ugly cunt that they are. don't give up.and don't settle til you find the girl of your dreams. Happy Valentine's Day!

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