Friday, February 8, 2013

taiwan boys: begging for bleeding vagina

there are two or three TV commericals in Taiwan that are a prime example of the agenda of state femenists embedded in the bureau of cultural affairs. in these ads, the boy looks pitifully at the girl and asks if she's on her period. then he goes out and buys her some menestrual tonic which is supposed to make her tummy feel all better. so is this the new strategy for getting pussy- asking a girl if she's on the rag? or is this the new "male" standard that is being force fed to taiwan men? true, in the past taiwan men have been bastards when it comes to women.some still are. but a lot of taiwan guys are modernized and treat girls pretty good, but in an attempt to over compensate for the assholes, they tend be a litte too soft. taiwan women now have a standard for men that is pretty unattainable by any guy who is making an honest presentation of himself. in other words, the guys who get the pussy nowdays pretty much have to put on an act, being as doting as they possibly can, or taiwan girl will go shopping elsewhere. while on the subject of bleeding vaginas, i find some taiwan girls all to willing to tell you about their period. i really want to ask them, " so if we're going to talk about your bleeding vagina, does that mean next week when it stops bleeding we can keep talking about it? will i be able to use the vagina?". these bitches are just using guys as girlfriends when the girls aren't around. and talkng about their bleeding pussy (which they're never going to let him use) is the ultimate slap in the face to a real man, and they know it. personally, i think these ads are going to get some boys in trouble. asking a girl about a sexual issue is a sure way to get sued or even put in jail. boys, take advice from a real man i read from long ago, " real men usually have nothing to do with women". pretty good advice.


  1. The thing about them is that they don't have a proper social skills. They might got an 8 year degree but they don't know what's proper or what's not proper to say, other than obeying whatever bullshit their family shove it down to them with extreme physical punishment, which are more of ancient superstitions than actual common sense and social skills.

    Sure Taiwan has kept the most culture in most of Chinese area, but is it doing Chinese people any good? That's a really good question.

  2. Here are some tips for Westerners to understand Taiwan...matter fact not just Westerners, I'd say non-Asian for that matter.

    Rule number one, remember Taiwanese people tend to think like a child. Even the parents of 20 something kids, they're still like that. Don't let that voice and extreme physical punishment fool you. The whole bleeding vajayjay thing you were talking about, I'd say that they're not really think of it sexually as a normal person would.

    There are ways of dealing with them if you're in a position that requires you to do so. Remember, DO NOT let them get into positions above you and have authority over you. Remember, because they're childish, they know no boundary. They'll stop at nothing to get what they want from you, even sometimes it's just improper, they wouldn't know because they're too childish to realize that. That explains the borderline sexual assault as punishment for female students in schools and at home.

  3. thanks for coming by^^!.
    you hit the nail on the head. they are childish and should never be in postition where they have the upper hand, in business or in relationships.