Friday, July 29, 2011

beating "miss english" at her own game

if you're a guy foriegner in taiwan, you will meet many girls. though a few years back, you might have been "flavor of the month", nowdays, she is most likely only interested in english, english, ENGLISH! yes, english is the new mantra, the life changing entity that can get her a better job, help her move to another country, or whatever.
which is, if you need language exchange, all good. you teach her, she teaches you. fair exchange is no crime. or if she wants to pay you monetarily, well, all for capitalism, my friend.
but what if she just wants an english practice partner, under the guise of "friendship"? this friendship includes always being on FB or MSN, except of course on weekends, when she's out with her real friends. she never asked you, now did she? it includes allowing you to inuendo as much as you want (to keep you on the hook) as long as it's not too straight forward, in which case she will just drop you, having at least practiced and improved her english some. and you got.... zero.
so how do you avoid being used by miss english? first of all, be professional. print out cards for private teaching. make sure miss english gets one when you first meet. let her know you teach for a living.
two, set your fees high. what? and ruin my chances of getting business, not to mention hooking up with her? listen: you won't lose anything by asking for what you're worth. cutting her a deal, etc, only makes you poor. and if your goal is to have miss english in the sack, selling your teaching cheap will not move her in that direction, cause she already got what she wanted- english cheap!
set your price high enough so that sucking your dick will seem like a bargain in comparison. do NOT inuendo that there is a cheaper way, and thereby condemn yourself. let HER come to the conclusion after paying 1000NT per hour (that's what i recommend) for a few months that it's cheaper just to become your "girlfriend", til she goes on to her beautiful canada, australia, or wherever that dream that doesn't include you will take her.
make sure you get YOUR end of it, monetarily or otherwise.


  1. also, never let this girl think you're not busy! let her know that time is money. if she calls you and wants to go out (it's for a free lesson, trust me) tell her you have to teach a class. let her pay for her first class, and continue paying til she gets tired of opening her wallet. trust me, she'll finding opeing her legs a lot less painful.

  2. again SHE comes to that conclusion. there is to be no hinting or inuendo by you, thereby condmening yourself. it was HER idea.