Wednesday, April 6, 2011

taiwan women as spreaders of misery

i joined the taiwan foriegn spouse club many years ago. no, it's not a real club, just a figure of speech. but i hear a lot of the same thing coming from these guys, ie how taiwan women are one the one hand wonderful, and on the other, a source of unhappiness.
this i beleive, stems from the fact that taiwan women are themselves perpetually unhappy. anybody who puts her standards in the stratosphere is bound to be dissapointed, especially when you expect others to make you happy.
taiwan women have been taught, thru their moms, girlfriends, assorted magazines, and ditzy talk show guests that it is a man's responsiblity to provide happiness for them. men are also supposed to be "ti tieh" (thoughtful is one translation), caring, and at the same time strong, good providers, etc. basically the same demands as women in the west put on men.
the difference is, taiwan women really think they're going to get all this.most western women eventually grow up and accept the guy for who he is. taiwan women never do. they drill their fucked up, sleep over party chat/what a guy should be standard into the fucking ground. they never give up,relentlessly making sure that they get their guy to where they can brag on him. basically, chinese culture in a nutshell: face, face, face!!!
then, when their guy can't meet this impossible task (pulling her out of her pit of self imposed misery), these women bury themselves in cheap novels in which the "ideal" man treats the woman in an "ideal" way.
of course, these women are setting themselves up for the ultimate scam, which is the subject of another article.
i was always taught that happiness is between you and God. nobody can "make" you happy. you have to make yourself happy. you have to find the happiness in whatever situation you are in, and be thankful for what and whom you have in your life, dispite their faults and shortcomings.
why are taiwan women so perpetually unhappy? it's because they don't have faith. they can only see 3 feet in front of them, and that's to bury whatever special, unique qualities their man had in the graveyard of some arbitrary "standard".
God help us.


  1. As an immigrant Taiwanese-American woman, I think your site is pretty entertaining, and I do have to agree with some of the general views of the stereotypical Taiwanese woman. Taiwanese women are taught to be submissive to an extent and to want a husband that can give them the whole nine yards (my mom tried to teach this to me and I didn't buy it). But don't make all women turn out to be bitches, because there are many Taiwanese men who are assholes. Especially when it comes to 'face.'

  2. thanks for stopping by. nah, a lot of you are good as gold^^. i really admire you girls. definite;y not all bitches.
    the asshole males are my MAIN complaint here.
    glad to have your input here. thanks.