Sunday, April 3, 2011

the taiwan adjustment bureau

matt damon rocks. best movie i've seen in a while. especially since it's real.
that's right, it exists, in taiwan at least. if you've ever thought someone was pulling strings to make sure your shit doesn't get off the ground, you might have good reason for such suspicions.
a LOT of what goes on in Taiwan is manipulated. from pop stars who sing the same, government approved crap, to rigged singing contests, to backbiting foriegners (a prime source of doing in), to territorial-ism by locals, the deck is stacked.
one run in i had with the adjustment bureau went like this:
i got a call from a bushiban (they had obtained my number from my workplace somehow), saying that i had gone into their school and broken a vase on purpose. they said the guy who did it had shown up a few days before saying he was me! the students who saw him wreck the vase recognized him and i was called. i asked them why weren't the cops calling me then? they said the police had already investigated but the video tape wasn't clear, etc.
i have been canceled out of a lot of opportunities to play music thanks to territorialism by locals.or there's always some hitch where you can't do it because you're a foriegner. every time you think you can get a little ahead, they move the "stop go no further" sign to right in front of you!
i recently made friends with a foriegner. after not having seen her for a few months, i happened to run into her near my house. when i said "hi" she looked like she had seen the devil and wanted nothing to do with me. every time i see her now she acts this way. we parted the first meeting in a friendly way. i hadn't seen her between the two times i mentioned.what happened between those two times?
backstabbing foriegners would be my guess.but what would their purpose be in doing that? i treat everyone i meet with respect, nor have i tried to take anything from anyone. as far as i know, i haven't wronged anyone beyond expressing unpopular opinions on the net (which is my right. you don't like it, suck my dick).
is there an agenda bureau in taiwan that tries to keep the status quo? maybe,maybe not. but definitely something's up. maybe just greed and conflict of interests.
maybe just some small people who will do anything to hang onto whatever piece of this island they percieve to be theirs.

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