Sunday, September 25, 2011

why can't chinese people see themselves?

(disclaimer: this article has nothing to do with progressive thinking chinese people, or those raised in a western education/culture. it has everything to do with status quo modern chinese culture, the masquerade being forced on the world by hardline chinese culturalists).

if one guy says i'm selfish, it might just be his opinion. but if 10 people say the same thing, maybe it's time to take self inventory and examine my faults. every country on this planet comes away from the chinese/taiwanese/singapore/hong kong experience with one or two major points:

1. chinese people are fucking selfish- the comment i hear most often is " i've never seen any people as selfish as they are". if so many different people from different cultures say this, isn't it time for a little introspection?

2. chinese people can't think for themselves- ie, all chinese people think the same.

Writer Bo Yang felt troubled because he wanted to say that chinese people are not the same everywhere you go, but after traveling and seeing the chinese disporia, he concluded sadly " chinese people are the same everywhere you go!"

writer ken nakamura said that the culture of "face" is the most dispicable part of chinese culture. I have observed this culture firsthand and i walk away shocked at how taiwanese people think they almost have a right to do evil. ie "how dare you say i'm wrong? how dare you impinge on my right to do as i want even if it hurts you?"
i have seen taiwan bosses cheat foriegners out of their salary, even going so far as to use hoodlum tactics to make sure they backed down. after 25 years in chinese culture, i have NEVER seen any group of people as evil as the AVERAGE taiwanese. i hate to say it. i really do.

yet, there's hope. i find one thing to be true: the LESS a taiwanese person beleives/follows chinese culture, the more honest, forthright, and intelligent they are. and the more they beleive and follow chinese tradition, particulary if they beleive Daoism, the more suspicious, untruthful, and backwards they act.

race is never the problem. its what we beleive that either causes us problems or makes us successful. chinese culture, as it exists today, is bankrupt in it's ability to produce quality human beings, and that's why we should take whatever value still exists in it and leave the rest of it behind.


  1. Well said, I totally agree with you :) Now when I think about it all my Taiwanese friends has an understanding of western culture and how messed up Taiwan really is. The greed of money is huge! Never seen anything like it anywhere. Cheating people and then at the same time going to the temple praying for more! This country is so unbalanced that something has to give some day! The time for a revolution has arrived!

  2. that revolution must come from us who live life differently, those of us who can see beyond that box of money money, spend, etc.
    somehow, we've got to let them see how great life could be if they'd leave that box.
    thanks for stopping by. i just got back from the US, so i've been away from the net. feeling refreshed!