Tuesday, September 27, 2011

taiwan blogger goes to jail for saying noodles are too salty

first, a foriegner goes to jail for shooting the finger at an old lady who was (according to the account) being a mean old bitch. then this blogger, a girl, is sentenced to 1 month in jail, plus fine, plus apology to a noodle shop owner for saying that his noodles were too salty.
welcome to taiwan's "face laws", designed to make sure that nothing any person does is ever criticized.these laws are desgined to protect misbehavior, and to make sure that no one has a voice against such misbehavior.
there is no doubt these laws were invented to protect politicians from criticism, ie enter the speech police. and the taiwan people's uproar over this? nada. zilch. nothing.
yes, it seems taiwanese people care more about face than democracy, another reason why i say that chinese culture is the antithesis to democracy. it will tear it down everytime.
personally, i'd like to call that noodle boss a typical, dirty ass motherfucker shop owner, but i can't. i'd like to say his noodles taste like shit, but i can't.i'd like to say "fuck you, you hater of democracy asshole dick sucker" but i can't. i can't because these things are illegal, so i won't say them.
amnesty international, are you listening? are you watching what is happening on this island?

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