Monday, June 6, 2011

taiwan record industry and news bureau money

God is real. I know this because I prayed for this expose' to happen for a looooong time! never really thought i'd see this day, oh me of little faith!
by now, the news and discussion of the taiwan record companies squandering government money is everywhere. but what didn't get discussed is why the news bureau was funding the record industry.
it was all about control. when the government gives out money, it wants something in return. it has standards and points that it wants to meet.
the real reason the record industry was getting money was because the news bureau was running the show, or more correctly, they told the record companies what kind of music to produce- safe, kiddie, immature music.
that the record companies squandered the money was a non issue to the news bureau. they got the product they wanted- music that was in line with their goals of thought control.
don't beleive me? then ask yourself these questions:
1.why is there even a news bureau? what do they do? they control the media to make sure nobody tries to go against the ROC.

2. why is there a police bureau radio station? to broadcast the the ideas that the ROC wants broadcast.

and now there is talk of the news bureau and cultural bureaus becoming one. that will complete their monopoly on keeping creativity against "status quo taiwanese-ism" at bay.

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