Sunday, October 3, 2010

why cultures are not equal

multiculturalism teaches that all cultures are equal, and that western culture has had an unfair advantage and that is the only reason why it has prospered. i wish to show you how that just ain't so:
for instance,the Roma (gypsy) culture has long taught their children how to steal. children were taught to pickpocket from onlookers as the flamenco dances were being performed. gypsies are also well known for dying young from alcohol and diseases via sexually permissive behavior,all of which were part of their culture.
the maya practiced human sacrifice. they cruelly took infants, women, men. how is this equal to western culture's emphasis on human rights? yes some western societies like germany in WWII adopted evil as their MO, but they were stopped, because western cultures abhor it.
what i am saying about taiwan is that it's culture is lacking. most of the things like charity were brought by western missionaries. if this is not so, why has DAOISM yet to build even ONE HOSPITAL?
and what do daoist say when disasters happen? the gods were angry. or the day was unlucky. the west has (except for a few zealots) long separated events from some moral connection. bad things do happen to good people.and vice versa. life isn't fair. but those of faith believe that they are not alone in their trials and suffering, and that things happen because that's the way the world is.
does taiwan culture teach people to be dishonest as the gypsy culture i just mentioned? not to that degree. but i have found dishonesty to be more common here than my experience elsewhere. i beleive it is a cultural phenonmenon.
culture has zero to do with race, and everything to do with choice. we choose what kind of person we are to become. if we choose to embrace mysticism and superstition, no progress can follow. if we choose to embrace Reason, then a whole universe opens up to us.


  1. "multiculturalism teaches that all cultures are equal"

    Sorry but that is simply bullshit and bogus. In fact, I have met not even ONE multiculturalist saying this. There most definitely are some out there for sure, but they are extremely rare and I have yet to meet such a person.

    "and that western culture has had an unfair advantage and that is the only reason why it has prospered"

    That is true, multiculturalists do say this often including me and it´s true once again.

    Read books like "guns, germs and steel" and you will understand why we europeans had a clear advantage to others.

    Starting with "guns and steel", metall and other ressources: Europe and the west is rich and full of them, in fact only the middle east rivals us in this aspect, as some middle eastern countries are extremely rich in metalls and other ressources like oil.

    However, therefore the middle easterners have a great lack in basic things like wood, water and nutritial acres for food and farming.

    Which moves us to the next point: "Germs" But before we continue to germs one last thing should be said about our metalls: They are the cleanist and best of quality in the whole world. In fact the asian(including the japanese) metalls are unpure and inferior to our own. Even old katana blacksmiths knew this, and therefore western metall was highly valued by them. If you look at old pictures of samurai warriors, you will notice that their katanas are often damaged and sometimes the blade even snaped. You wont see that in pictures of knights or other european warriors wielding weapons, they may be rusty sometimes but they are still intact and not broken. Now ask yourself: Why do you think that is so?

    That is due to the low quality of their own metalls, which are impure and contain lots of other metalls which reduce the hardness and quality. And the high quality of our own western metalls, which are much purer and cleaner and can be molded into more stable, harder and higher quality weapons or other tools.

    Its a fact that our metalls are far purer and of better quality then those of the asians.

    So much for "guns and steel", now lets finally get to "germs":

    No other area in the world is as rich in acre as ours in europe and northern america. Once again, the only other area in the world which can rival with us in acres is latinamerica. But therefore latinamericans lack other ressources: Such as steel, though latinamerica is indeed rich in gold, they are low on steel and other "common metalls". Which is why the latinamerican indiginous people traded their gold for utterly simple wares such as glass or glass pearls, because to the indiginous latinamericans gold was common and therefore more or less worthless, whilst to us gold is worth much more since of its rarity in our homelands.

    Back to the point: No other area on this planet is so rich in acre and food as ours. That people died in the middle ages from hunger is a utterly barbaric and only showed how backwards we were ourselves not very long ago.

    The leaves of at least 7 or more COMMON trees are edible! These include maples, beeches, oaks, a few chestnut species, birches, walnut trees and many more that grow here like hay! Look at the european and northern american continents, they are full of these trees, they grow practically everywhere and are an always edible ressource for starving people.

    Tree saps: Beneath birches and maples I know there exist at least 3 other trees which can be sapped for tree sap, once again plenty of food available everywhere.

  2. Part 2

    In hard times, even stuff like acorns from oaks are edible, though they are extremely bitter and taste disgusting. However when your starving, you will be thankfull even for a meal of bitter acorns. Better eating that then starving to death.

    Our woods are rich and plentifull of berries, mushrooms and animals(meat). And to top that, we have huge and wast acres for farming and crops.

    As you can see, no other area on this planet is so rich in edible food then ours. This alone gave us a huge advantage, since we were and still are able to feed much more people then other countries thanks to our rich natural ressources.

    Same goes for wood, steel and other metalls.

    And to the last point also discussed in the book but not included in the title: Wood.

    Not only are our homelands rich in woods and therefore give us plenty of wood. But its also again the QUALITY of our wood that is the best, just like our metalls.

    Oak is unquestionable the hardest wood out there. Oaks grow plentifull and a lot on our homelands. A lot of hard, stable and high quality wood was and still is readily available any time. Other countries on this planet can only dream of this.

    And beneath oak, we also got other high quality woods for all kinds of purposes that other countries or areas simply do not have or they lack proper quantity of them.

    Sorry but thats reality, face it. We europeans and northern americans have huge advantages and natural ressources other countries and areas dont have.

    And last but not least, not in the book but a fact to: Parasites, illnesses and predators.

    We europeans and even you northern americans have it extremely good and easy with this matter. Many of our parasites are totally harmless, and only very few can be life threatening to us.

    Go to other countries including latin america and you will finds tons of nasty and deadly parasites, deadly bacteria and viruses and deadly predators that feed on humans, or other deadly insects or animals that are highly poisinous and deadly.

    Compared to that we have it VERY VERY GOOD here. People here dont need to be afraid to go into the woods or outside and be bitten by a deadly poisinous insect or animal. Whilst in other countries this is the normality, and its also normality that people die of snake bites, scorpion stings, spider bites or other things like that.

    Also illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses here are a joke compared to other areas of the world. We got no deadly bacteria or viruses like malaria, tropical fever or many many others with various names.

    Also other parasites are no real problem here at all. Whilst in other countries they are a huge problem and in many cases even deadly to. The parasitic worms we have here are a joke and practically in no case life threatening. Guess what? In other countries parasites exist that can even enter your body through your penis or anus when you are in the water. So a simply bath in a sea can proove fatal for the people living there. For us its no big deal: We see a sea and happily jump into it and get out later with no harm at all. In many countries of the world, this is not so.

    Not to mention how many parasites can be deadly themselves like many ringworm species, or transmit deadly disseases like malaria or tropical fewer.

    In short: Our bacteria, viruses and parasites are a JOKE compared to others. Our predators and "poisinous" animals and insects are a JOKE to!

    The only really dangerous animals(we HAD) were bears and wolves. And trust me, even they are harmless compared to tigers, snakes and all sorts of other things you run into other countries.

  3. Last part(3):

    Most people dont know this and would think of it as a joke but: Even monkeys can be dangerous and deadly, especially when they are in groups and have young ones, if you run into a group of monkeys with young ones in the wild, there is a good chance that they will attack and kill you. Its not only tigers, snakes and scorpions, but even animals that seems "trivial" can be highly deadly. Like monkeys, bufallos or even frogs. Touch them once = your dead. Touch our frogs or the feared "fire salamander" and you will have either nor harm at all or only have a skin rash, which is not nice sure, but its not deadly and wont kill you.

    And thats just how it is. No matter how you twist and turn it around, we europeans and north americans have advantages other countries simply dont. And we dont have disadvantages that other countries simply have. Even our natural disasters are a joke compared to the taifuns and hurricanes or earthquakes or volcanoes in other countries. Those storms we have are a joke and maximum of tornado level, only america has hurricanes, however this only goes for the southern part of northamerica, and trust me, even american hurricanes are a joke to latinamerican or asian taifuns. The same goes for earthquakes and volcanos to.

    Sorry but these are all given facts, whether you and I like them or not. You should seriously do more research in the future before rambling out such easy to disprove bullshit.