Monday, September 27, 2010

woman runs crossing, blames train

yesterday, a woman in taiwan ran thru a railroad crossing while the guard arms were coming down. when she reached the other side, the arms were already down. then she tried to turn back, and was missed , according to the newspaper this morning, by only "two steps".
what she did was stupid (a big problem in taiwan is the urge to gamble with one's life, thinking "it won't happen to me, and if it does, oh well...fate). but what was worse was the newspaper bringing up the idea that the train "might have been going too fast"!
trains have a schedual to keep! whatever time they lose they have to make up somewhere else, otherwise every train behind them will be late, or worse there will be a rear-end collision! should 10,000 people be held up or worse, endangered, for one stupid bitch?
this is another example of the kind of SELFISH, STUPID, BACKWARDS THINKING that permeates taiwan.
mr. train engineer, next time do us all a favor: run over the bitch! consider it a form of passive eugenics- you're stupid, you get run over and don't get to reproduce.
anybody who thinks a train with 300 passengers should wait for her deserves no better.


  1. wow thanks a lot for calling taiwanese people selfish, stupid and backward thinkers just because of one woman.

  2. many, not all, and not most, but enough to write about.
    and this is not one woman. i've seen several of these "one women", and it is a CUTURAL PHENONMENON. nothing to do with race.

  3. Seriously? An urge to gamble with one's life? Who do you know that wants to risk their life for fun? If that woman doesn't want to live, then she could have just stayed on the railroad tracks. What if the train was ahead of schedule because of the speed it was going at? Did the paper mention the train was late and had to catch up? What if that woman crossing was one of your close friends, or maybe a family member? Maybe you would say that they're not stupid enough to try it, but what if they misjudged the speed of the train and thought they could easily make it. Would you want the train to speed up and run her over as well? Or what if that was you crossing, you want them to run you over so these people can get on time somewhere? Do you really think getting on time is more important than a human life? What do drivers do when they hear an ambulance siren? They identify where it is and make room for the ambulance to go through. Moving to the side would cause them to lose some time, and possibly cause them to be late. But they would rather do that than hold the ambulance up, risking the victim's life even further.

  4. if it was my family, i'd feel sad, but i definitley wouldn't blame the engineer.
    a train CANT stop even if the engineer wants to because of a thing called MOMENTUM!!!
    of course people who spend their lives in temples inhaling incense and ignoring REASON and SCIENCE wouldn't know that.