Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the "rule" of four (4)

last night on the news was a report about how some people in taiwan wanted their health card numbers changed because the number 4 was part of the code (4 being in chinese culture a homonym for the word "death").
this is another example of how stupid superstition should never be allowed to waste tax payer money and government employee time!especially on something that has no bearing on our lives.
to prove my point.....
just recently, i took a flight on which my seat number was 44. i am also 44 years old. i laughed to myself " oh shit i guess this is the day i die"!
turned out that because i was sitting in 44, i met a really nice dude sitting next to me, and we had the best conversation. in fact, we chatted almost the whole flight!
so 4444 (my age plus my seat number) wasn't unlucky at all! i made a new friend, i didn't die of a heart attack, and we didn't crash either!
anyway, what power do numbers have? or the pronunciation of them have? what if i say 4444 in english instead of chinese? wouldn't it be lucky, since " four four four four" would sound like "fouh fouh fouh fouh" which sounds like "buddha buddha buddha buddha"?
at what point does all this break down into the useless bullshit that it really is?
personally i have no qualms about living on the 4th floor, driving a 4 door car, having 4 fish in my aquarium, or any other useless nonsense.
numbers were all created by God. and everything He makes is good.

* PS: i have no problems with 666 either, because it is the number of a specific person in the Bible. it has no bearing on my daily life.

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