Monday, September 20, 2010

taiwan student nazi group

yes, believe it or not, some taiwanese students worship hitler! and they're calling for "racial purity", expulsion of foriegners, etc.
this group is the logical result of "tai ke-ism"/ green nationalism/ hok-lo chauvenism.and that's why i speak out so strongly against taike. i have heard jewish people say about nazi germany: " they started by calling us big nose, then it gradually got worse from there til they threw us in the gas chambers".
taike's insistence on using the term "high nose" for foriegners, as well as their general propensity for violence against them, isn't that far from what the nazis youth thugs started out doing.
the thing is, besides being racist (these are students so i overlook their misguided zealousness) MOST taiwanese are NOT pure min nan! about 80% of taiwanese, if my numbers are correct, have at least ONE FORMOSAN ABORIGINAL ANCESTOR!
i pray these students eyes will be opened to the propaganda that is blinding them.


  1. Fuck you and your half breed children! I hope your wife gets raped for marrying a bai chi whitey

    I pray your children will be properly bullied

  2. jliang, you are spiritually lost. why not let the God of love open your eyes to the truth?

  3. zhaung,
    they have a website. also the apple daily reported on this group. check around the net.

  4. nobody will ever touch my wife or children, that you can be sure of.

  5. They have a website do they? Why didn't you post it on this so we can all take a look? You need the God of Truth to open your eyes.

  6. their website is all over the net, in addition to a story about them in the apple daily. it's all on the net. don't ask me to do your clicks for you.