Sunday, September 19, 2010

clarifications (for those who can read)

1. my wife is taiwanese, my 2 children are mixed. anybody who thinks i'm a racist can go screw themselves.

2. i speak mandarin fluently, japanese less so. my total time immersed in both cultures equals 30 years. i have loved chinese and japanese culture since i was 7. however, i DO NOT love the weak points and recent tendencies in them,particulary nationalism via control of music and entertainment.

3. i have spent considerable time and energy in the US helping chinese people. i was in fact, made fun of for always being around asians. i have gone to bat for chinese students more times than i can count.

4.though i hate japan for what they did to china, i love the new japan, minus some of it's irrational behavior. my dissapoinment with taiwan is that both japan and taiwan were given the same amount of time after WWII, yet taiwan continues to be stuck in backwards thinking, messiness, and disregard for others.

5. when i complain about taiwan, it's because any fool can see that japan is where they are because they WORK HARDER. simple as that. tired of taiwan's excuses.

6. as a serious schooled musician, i find traditional chinese music theory and japanese music to be of value, and i have spent serious study time in both. however, i find nothing worth spending any study time on in " tai yu ge" or mando-pop. that is not to say that taiyu song is of no value. it has cultural value. but as a form of music, it is lacking in material that would warrant my spending study time on it.

7. despite going abroad for study and having government funding for music, 90% of the music in taiwan still sucks, and that is because both the investors and producers of music at the record companies have no idea about how to create a good album.

8. my beef has been, and always will be, with the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, and with uncouth, violent people in taiwan ( for brevity i call them tai ke, though not all tai ke are like that) not with the taiwanese people as a whole.

9. the net is free. if you are really worried about racism on the net, go attack the taiwan nazi youth site that is calling for taiwan racial purity, etc.

10. 90% of what i say comes from the mouths of OTHER TAIWANESE speaking about what they don't like about their own people. also my article on chinese culture and satanism comes directly from chinese pastors who seeing my love for chinese culture warned me that some parts of the culture were not to be touched because they were anti christian and in fact satanic in origin.

11. i am as critical of american culture as i am of taiwan culture. i just don't have a site for that.... yet.

12. if ANYONE ever approaches me or my family in an aggressive manner because of this site, i will defend myself and them BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY including deadly force. this means you! NK,, or whoever you are.


  1. link to taiwan nazi site plz? :) much appreciated.

  2. dear guy,
    here they are:

    there are also many articles in chinese on the net about them.


  4. From your link on sina, are you accusing DDP are currently linked with Nazism?

  5. first of all, I DDIN'T CREATE THE LINKS! the organization exists. the link exists because there are organizations promoting this form of taiwan racism.
    they created their own links,and therefore their own accusations.
    but to answer your question, i'll accuse whomever the fuck i see fit.