Friday, October 29, 2010

taiwan's government approved foreign artists, part 2

the following are the approved foriegn artists which recieve the full blessing of the taiwan government:

Air Supply
Avril Lavne
Richard Clayderman
matthew lien

these artists have been "darling-ed" by the taiwan government as either safe, not harmful, or even useful to their purposes. the only choice i can agree with in that are air supply, but that's just my taste.
look at a richard clayderman video he made back in the 90s. it was the sappiest, most "don't worry foriegners won't hurt you/try to fuck you" video i've ever seen. plus he plays the sappiest music on the planet.his pieces are at most etudes for children, and at worst the sound track for some artsy-fartsy french semi-porn flick.
as for matthew lien, i suspect he's just a cultural plant brought here to promote tourism as well as boost the ego of taiwan by singing about the trees, birds, and local scenery.
avril what's her name can't spell it don't care too, was courted by the government for awhile, hoping her fucked up mascara would encourge further mental lostness among taiwan's youth.
air supply is the one choice i don't get, because they actually create good music and are expert song writers. but the fact that they are only popular in asia AND the taiwan government loves them means they're circling the musical drain, i hate to say.

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