Saturday, October 30, 2010

tai ji mun- cult of the KMT?

tai ji men is not just a martial arts group. they are, in my opinion, a front for a chinese nationalist cult, promoting all things chinese (which would be sort of ok if they were upfront about it) even using deception and myths.
take for instance the origins of tai ji chuan as they claim it. according to most tai ji-ist, it was invented by a taoist monk named zhang shan fung. they claim tai ji is of taoist origin and proves the teaching of tao.
actually tai ji was invented by a chinese general named chen about 300 years ago. and the original name was NOT tai ji chuan but Hao Chuan. it was not a taoist creation, but one of a chinese general who was very knowledgeable in the human body and the art of china there is a village called chen where the original art is still taught.
so the taoist connections are a lie. they are historically untrue.
personally, i can't stand a lot of tai ji-ists. a lot of them are all up in their own mystical-ness and percieved chinese superiority. i would love to see their anachronistic asses walk into a cage match and get taught a thing or two about humanity and equality.
tai ji mun is all up in themselves with their chi kung, dance, etc. they are the perfect vehicle for cult nationalism.


  1. Hi
    I was went to a San Jose Tai Ji Men function, are they a cult? They asked for a lot of monthly upfront and a yearly large due as well.

  2. typical of most cults. the love of money is the root of all evil, and the root of a lot of bad religious groups. i'm wary of any group that asks for large sums.
    i think the best things in life are free, or at least don't cost very much.

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  4. Lin, your opinion is truly indecisive. How is Tai Ji Men a cult if the founder of the academy (Dr. Hong), had been invited to Washington DC and other areas to meet with great leaders around the globe to share his opinion about world peace? Money should never be a problem if you are going to spend it on improving your health. The concept of Qi, which is the life energy, and inner peace are what Tai Ji Men is promoting. My experience in there was amazing. I found inner peace within myself, as well as happiness. In Tai Ji Men, everyone is always there for you whenever you feel the need to share your difficulties. To be honest, that place is like my second home, everyone is so nice and I could apply what I learned from there to my daily life. Here is the website I wanted to show you that Tai Ji Men is not what you think it is.
    I hope you can have a chance to visit there and see what it is like~!