Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I Do What I Do

in a nutshell, i'm tired of the hard sell of chinese culture being made by various nationalistic cultural entities on both sides of the taiwan strait and by the chinese disporia, trying to tell us how superior they are, when 90% of their present life is from western culture.
yes chinese culture is wonderful. it is an important part of my life. but i cannot make a wholesale embrace of it.i enjoy most aspects of traditional culture and some of the modern. but i cannot say the modern music produced in asia is worth much, and i cannot fawn over movies like "crouching tiger" and "yip man". and i cannot say the way chinese people tend to think is a blueprint for societal improvement. i think writers such as Bo Yang support my view.
i also cannot be silent about the use of cultural propaganda by the chinese speaking entities in our world today, some of which are outright lies that fly in the face of generally accepted biological theory , ie, we all came from africa, the chinese DID NOT develop on their own as some of them would like to beleive! nor did their culture. this (the cultural aspect )is verifiably proveable.
chinese, korean, japanese, german, any form of nationalism is dangerous, because it seeks to use myths to grandize their view of racial superiority.
the taiwan and chinese governments are both using control of the arts for their own purposes. and i take offense to that, because we artists should never be under anybody's thumb.
chinese people, and all of us, depend on western culture for our lifestyle. we CAN'T go back. we should take what is useful from chinese culture and leave the rest behind, and stop living in nationalistic myths and neo facist wet dreams about a revival of "the glories of the past".
that past wasn't all that, people. think about it.


  1. i think you believe in this too right
    this is for you too

  2. a 100% agree that a large majority of americans don't know how to behave ina foriegn country and are in fact stupid.
    now are you willing to admit that a large majority of chinese people are selfish,mind dead gruopthink?
    probably not, huh?

  3. so there are ugly americans? so what? does that make the way some chinese act any LESS ugly? does that make it ok?
    too many cultural titty babies.

  4. and further proof that my essay about taiwanese not being able to think is accurate.

  5. I agree that today's Taiwanese society have many things that needs to be fixed. But please don't be ignorant and consider yourself an "expert" in taiwanese culture

  6. i don't consider myself to be an expert, just experienced enough to know what's what.
    and if i DID want to consider myself an expert, that's my business not yours.

  7. experienced in what? as far as taiwan goes, i have more than 10 years.