Thursday, May 6, 2010

why i like lin chi ling (and why she disappoints me)

truly, in another time, she would be a queen. i like lin chi ling a lot, mostly for the way she conducts herself amidst a sea of shallow, immature television "personalities". she's smart -not just book smart- but really smart. and she's unique. i think you could cross the oceans ten times and not find another person like her, beauty aside. i'm sure if i met her at a party, she'd be the most interesting person to talk to.

i admire how almost everything that comes out of her mouth is worth hearing, at least as far as young girls are concerned. she shares her make-up and beauty/life tips, and conducts herself with class.
compare that with the mass amount of USELESS CUNTS on taiwan TV, talking about how they need a man to do this and that for them, their newest LV bag, etc, and ranting on and on about their bra size, brand of napkin, etc.
i really want to slap these bitches into reality. maybe there are lots of geek/wimps with money who would shell out everything for these women, but i would pass them up for a normal girl working at 7-11 in a second.
lin chi ling never dips down into useless bitch territory, and for that i thank her.
now for why she disappoints me:
i feel she's slowly being eroded by the people around her. and i've heard her say things that made me feel she's slipping a little. i'm not putting her down. the entertainment "industry" here is either "play ball or get left behind". but i hope she can keep up the high standards she has shown so far.
personally, i think she's lonely as hell. if there ever was a "poor little rich girl", she's it. she worked hard, reached the top of her game, only to be surrounded by airheads. everybody around her wants something.
Chi ling, keep up the good work. you're my hero, girl!

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