Saturday, May 15, 2010

AIT and its never ending parade of foriegn "experts"

i don't have an economics degree, and just barely understand how stocks work. if i were to invest, it wouldn't go much deeper than a mutual fund (fuck sitting around watching a stock screen all day- i leave that to professionals).
but i wonder why all these foriegn authors come to taiwan and say the same shit all the time:" taiwan is so unique, taiwan is so great, taiwan is so creative". it all sounds so condescending.
yes taiwan has made a niche for itself in electronics and OEM. they do that super well (having done work in that field, i'm in AWE of the taiwan electronics industry) but i personally think these assholes (the experts) are just here to plug their books.
maybe what they are talking about is above my head, but to me, saying TAIWAN and CREATIVITY in the same sentence is sort of an oxymoron. people, and especially companies, don't go out of their way to be different.
look at scooters. has there been any REAL, EARTHSHAKING re-design recently? all the scooters look a hair on an ant's leg different from each other! absolutely the same.
look at music. taiwan steals parts of western songs (not sample, STEAL) and try to hide the fact that these riffs came from another source. i have SEEN producers do this. where's the creativity? creative dishonesty? creative at following a narrowly defined idea of how a product should be?
then these "experts" step out of their field and start to comment on how taiwan should "embrace china without fear". the only persons whose opinions matter in that area are people with a military /strategic/state dept background. those are the only people who really know what China is capable of, not some Harvard MBA/bullshit bookseller.
but AIT is the prime bullshit artist of them all. just listen to their " the US relationship with Taiwan is getting better" rhetoric.
the US HAS OWNED TAIWAN SINCE 1945! there is no fucking "relationship", other than that taiwan is the unclaimed US child of WWII. a child whom they won't admit to having otherwise they'd have to issue US passports and deal with a massive influx of taiwanese immigrants. simple as that!
hopefully, they never will admit to it. cause i'd hate to move back to the US and have to live next to tai ke! nice, educated taiwanese, welcome, of course^^.
personally, i think taiwan should tell these foriegn experts to fuck off unless they can say something other than the same old, condescending dribble. these seminars are a waste of time.


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