Thursday, May 27, 2010

taiwan! stop killing precious animals for your little dick!

i'm not a vegetarian. and i think every animal on this planet has a secondary function of being food for another. that is just the way life here works.
but NO ANIMAL should be killed for a stupid reason!
i called out the fire department once to take a snake away- a highly venomous, but utterly beautiful Taiwan Umbrella Krait. i watched them catch the snake,naively thinking they would relocate it. imagine my shock when i heard them talking about putting it into wine (pao jiou) to make a sex tonic.
despite the fact that they broke the law (taiwan snakes are protected species) the reason for doing it is the epitomy of stupidity.
first of all, is having a big stick the only part of pleasing a woman? a good climax is 90% emotional and good foreplay. but that information is lost on these assholes, who are too lazy and too stupid to open a book and find out what a clitoris is.
"just shove it" is their motto! i feel really sorry for taiwan women.
secondly, these "remedies" have NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE behind them. NONE! we know that Viagra works for most people (actually not drinking and taking a walk now and then works even better) but bear bile, snake bile, etc??
the thing is these remedies, like a LOT of things in chinese culture, WASTE TIME!
why go to all the trouble of having to hunt down an animal, kill it, stick it in wine for 6 months, when a pill can be made by modern machinery, in a clean environment in a few minutes? and that pill can be gotten from your doctor with a simple prescription!
and now people are buying "seal liver oil" Goddamn it! there are better ways to get DHA- borage oil for one. cod liver is another. lots better than clubbing a mammal to death!
and what about shark fin? our ocean ecology would be totally screwed without sharks. sharks eat up some of the fish that compete with other fishes we eat. they balance the food chain. and why are these sharks dying? because taiwan people think shark fin has some lucky meaning. precious animals have to DIE for somebody's tradition??!!
i've had it with all this traditon this and that! let's start using our brains and our hearts to take care of this planet.
that's what WE were put here for.


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  3. 樂觀進取,勇往直前,持之以恒,是克服困難的妙方。 ............................................................

  4. yes, but we can feed the other head without destroying the ecology and these beautiful animals.

  5. Yeah... it's pretty bad how we may kill animals to make medical products or supposed health foods. However, its funny how you focus on us when you have crap going on in your side.

    My advice to you and your country... firstly, please don't fish half the fish off the face of the earth. It's screwing up the various the ecosystems in the ocean. Secondly, WTF is up with your underground cock fights and dog fights. Dude, letting dogs fight to the death for entertainment and money is just brutal and inhumane. Furthermore, every rooster you kill in you're stupid cockfights and thrown away to cover up evidence could have been used feed a homeless family for one night... not to mention there are a lot of homeless families in America which need food.

    My point?! At least we harvest the Animals and use their bi products or various components. You instead kill animals for leisure and criticize us... I'm just glad not every American is like you!

  6. these animals are being harvested form AMERICAN SOIL. if taiwan wants to destroy all their endemic speices, i feel badly for you, but go right ahead. just don't tread on american endemic species for your little aphrodisiacs.

  7. sport hunting is for animals which are not endangered and in fact are too populace for their own good.
    example, white tail deer. as rancehers killed off predators, these deer over populated until one group of them starved due to eating all the leaves in the woods. hunting thins their numbers so all can survive. also there are limits and tags for each animal. finally a "sportsman" hunts IN SEASON.
    american animals are being killed by poachers and their organs sold in chinatown for chinese medicine. if you want these medicines, kill taiwan animals, not ours!